Sunday , August 1 2021

Zimta, PTUZ in ugly fallout

HARARE – The Union of Teachers of Zimbabwe (Zimta) and the Union of Progressive Teachers of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) are engaged in the war of all the words arising out of a collective labor agreement with employers affiliated with the Apex Council – umbrellas for all civil servants.

It has five main trade unions representing the interests of educators such as Zimbabwe, Zimta, PTUZ, Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz), the Union of Professional Trainers of Zimbabwe and the National Teachers Union of Zimbabwe.

In April, these unions joined together to make the Federation of Zimbabwe Educators Federation (Fozeu) come forward to provide better working conditions for teachers outside the Apex Council.

But the government refused to recognize Fozeu and insisted that all negotiations be held under the Apex Council.

Zimta and PTUZ, the two trade unions that control most of the teachers, are divided into government positions and take harsh words on this division.

Zimta CEO Raymond Majongwe, Sifiso Ndlovu and PTUZ Secretary General of Water, made gunpowder trade to u defend their integrity u.

Ndlovu said they were not deceived by cartoon unions based on personal egos, and that their infidelity was to sustain themselves at the expense of the profession.

e said that PTUZ has been created to destabilize Zimta, and that working as allies cannot be trusted.

"In general, PTUZ is a subversive instrument of discourse that he sees as a caricature of a union and circulating around a labor union in the country, and when he is rejected, he throws a tantrum," accused Ndlovu.

Bir It was created not to encourage teacher unity, but to push individuals who clearly showed that they could not exist in democratic areas. So, don't be fooled by the cheap antics.

”PTUZ is led by untrained staff who are masked as teachers and fearing the presence of qualified teachers around them, and will therefore continue for a long time to destabilize the unity of the teachers with deceptive lies.“

Ndlovu, unlike PTUZ, said that Zimta was a firm, principled and focused organization demonstrating its mature participation with all the splinter groups in his profession, which were tested over time and in the search for teacher union.

Ind Zimta escaped from the cat fights launched by PTUZ, knowing that there was something cheap and remarkable about real affairs. Since we do not believe in this narrative, we will not draw the other unions into discussion, but in this case we have to force them to trade. Defending our integrity. "

However, Majongwe said it was unfortunate that it was not only unfortunate to separate from the two fancy leaders of the workers' struggle and label them as "tricks."

Majongwe reminded Ndlovu that the Apex Council was a "slave trade mentality and a former Civil Service Law, which has long been in compliance with the new Constitution."

Iyor The government, oppressed by its government, clearly utilizes and hampers Fozeu. All Zimta members, Ndlovu, should know better, üy Majongwe said.
He was accused of betraying Zimta's teachers' struggle led by Majongwe Ndlovu.

Lar Who does not know that civil servants have gone on strike every time; Strike ends the next day after the merger of Zimta

Ete How many times have we been betrayed? Is the ink dried at a 10 percent salary increase? Ndlovu should not mislead our malnourished fur N.

Commenting on the allegations that PTUZ was guided by uneducated teachers, Majongwe stated that the teachers under his union were unfortunate to label them in this way, considering that they were doing a job in ler secondary schools that are not under the staff of critical areas, especially in mathematics, such as mathematics. PT Science.

Mez Sifiso (Ndlovu) is not unbearable with the current relations and the agony of the Zimbabweans in general. When the nation is immersed in a national RTA disaster, does a Zimta CEO have time and energy to take personal fights and daring to call himself Bolt Cutter?

… Where is your conscience ız Ndlovu? If you're the first person to get a salary, then the $ 700 bread basket is bullshit? "Said.

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