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World Championship Game 12:

"Iteds just absurd. Iurm completely shocked"

It's a far-fetched scenario. Keen to talk about it; all – out – all – life It's a World Championship match.

We cannot say it was without excitement, though. Carlsson replied to Fabiano's 1.e4 exclusively with the Sicilian – and Caruana did not stop using Fischer's 'best by test' move nonetheless. In the World Champion, the World Champion had to play a game in which the world champion was able to win the match. And there were wasted chances for both sides …

With a tickler, Caren, the tiebreaks and the caricature of the car, the game was a real treat. Then, everything seemed to go the spectators' way: another Sicilian appeared on the board; Magnus outprepared Fabiano with the black pieces; the Challenger a complex of a relationship with Caruana. But the last thing I could say about this was the last minute I had.

It was tough

The Chess Club connoisseurs Garry Kasparov and the person from Vladimir Kramnik. Anime Kramnik:

Let shs just shine Let He tos just better without any risk. How can you offer a draw? This is for me. It can be taken every 10-15 minutes. It .s just absurd – something is wrong with Magnus. I cannot withhold the pressure. He is a great chess player. You have to fight. It .s frankly showing such a weakness.

I would understand if he would be one point ahead, and maybe not. It .s just absurd. I .m completely shocked.

After the tense struggle

These are strong words, but there is something to be said. The black pieces of the world are in the world. Apparently, he could not adjust his mind.

Nerves, of course, played a big role – both Kasparov and Kramnik. Kasparov:

I never happened in the same situation. All decisive games I have played. Either I had to win.

I couldn't think of a tiebreak – there was none. He concludes:

Every game was all or nothing. This is not all or nothing.

A packed house on Monday

Kramnik, on the other hand, talking about

I just want to forget about it. Think about the game – like a World Championship match. I think it's a strange and old-fashioned way, but it doesn't work. You can at this particular moment. […] As simple as it sounds.

He speculated that

Maybe [other players] need [their] best. Itaments very individual, very much on your temperament [and] on your character it so I wouldn wouldt recommend it.

There is a lot of room for discussion. The tied score of the movie is from 60/40 to 55/45. When asked Carlsen he replied: "I don't care about the money".

Anyway, I'll have to see the white pieces.

Will Caruana get to beat Magnus in the tiebreaks?

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Macauley Peterson contributed reporting from London


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