Thursday , September 29 2022

WHO Wants a Meat Data


Have you ever heard of a ”meat tax d before?

By Telegram The newspaper in Britain, the researchers at Oxford University, decided to determine what tax rate would be needed to offset the health costs of red and processed meat in Britain.

Oxford University researchers, by increasing the cost of red meat by 14%, increased by 79% of processed meat will cause the death of approximately 6,000 people each year and the National Health Service has saved around $ 1.313 billion in annual savings.

A package of package package $ 3.87 per package to $ 5.87 said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies beef, lamb and pork as carcinogenic and ”when processed in a processed state” and, possibly causing cancer when consumed unprocessed Dünya.

The chief researcher of the Oxford University Department of Population Health (NDPH). Marco Springmann & # 39; s article is included in the article:

Iyor No one wants governments to tell people what they can't eat. However, our findings clearly show that the consumption of red and processed meat not only contributes to the health of the people and the planet but also to the health systems and economy. I hope governments will consider bringing health. A tax on red and processed meat as part of a series of measures to make healthy and sustainable decision making easier for consumers işlenmiş A healthcare service on red and processed meats does not limit choices, but it imposes a strong signal to consumers and imposes pressure on our healthcare systems. "

You have to believe that you can do this meat tax in the UK and believe that people in the United States are trying to get a bir meat tax Bu in the United States.

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