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White House in Trump: Who was fired or abandoned?


Since taking office in January 2017, US President Donald Trump's management has seen a number of high-ranking officials quit.

The highest-profile fire and resignation is EPA director Scott Pruitt, Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson and FBI Director James Comey.

Al Jazeera takes a look at some parts of the Trump administration.

Jeff Sessions – resigned

US Attorney General resigns from November 2018

The sessions announced the resignation of the Democrats one day after gaining control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 US term.

Trump's criticism of Sessions stems from the Sessions' decision to launch an investigation into the involvement of Russia in the 2016 US presidential election.

The US president blamed the decision to open the door for the appointment of private consultant Robert Mueller, who took over the Russian investigation and examined whether Trump's hearings or Sessions were part of a larger effort to block justice and interfere with justice.

Nikki Haley – resigned

US ambassador to the United Nations – resigned from October 2018

Haley was appointed to the post of UN in November 2016. Prior to the appointment of Trump in the post of UN, Haley was the governor of South Carolina, the first woman to carry out this post. He was re-elected in 2014.

Haley was an unusual choice to become an UN envoy. As governor of South Carolina, he was frank in Trump's critique during the 2016 campaign – a position that ineffectively disqualified other candidates for senior management positions.

Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants, hinted to Trump, condemning in the siren's call for the most angry voices, disrespecting the immigrants of America Hint. Trump tweeted, "The people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Haley."

Scott Pruitt – resigned

Environmental Protection Agency Manager – resigned from July 2018

Trump accepted Pruitt's resignation after a difficult scandal that had swallowed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during his tenure.

Pruitt, a known climate denier and a man who shook the systematic return of the EPA's Obama era landscaping, faced a ruthless media scrutiny after he announced renting a accommodation based on a sympathetic energy lobbyist.

Trump followed a tweet following Pruitt's resignation, ın Scott has done an outstanding job at the agency, and I'll always be grateful for it. Said.

Pruitt's assistant, the former peasant lobbyist and climate disbelentist Andrew Wheeler, will assume the role of Game Management of the EPA.

General HR McMaster – resigned

National Security Adviser – March 2018

A source from the White House told Al Jazeera that Trump and McMaster were "mutually agree" in the decision to resign from the national security advisor.

The source said the latest developments in Trump's cabinet were the result of "ongoing talks" between the two officials.

Confirming his resignation, McMaster also announced his retirement from the US military.

Trump announced on Twitter that McMaster will replace former US Ambassador John Bolton.

Andrew McCabe – fired

FBI Director – opened fire in March 2018

Andrew McCabe, who was vice-president of the FBI in March, said he was targeted because he was an important witness on whether US President Donald Trump would try to hinder the Russian investigation.

According to the Ministry of Justice, McCabe leaked information to reporters and misled the researchers about their actions – rejecting their claims.

”The truth is that I'm treated this way all by myself, because I've seen McCabe, the role I've been playing and the actions I've taken and the events I've witnessed after James Comey's firing.“ his fire.

McCabe took the approval of former FBI Director James Comey, who claimed that Trump was trying to stifle it to end Russia.

Rex Tillerson – fired

Foreign Minister – March 2018

Tillerson, a senior executive of the energy giant Exxon, took office on 1 February 2017. His relationship with Trump spun on Iran's nuclear deal, the Gulf crisis and North Korea's nuclear weapons.

But things got worse after the news, which Tillerson described as "f $ @ & ing moron" the US president.

Tillerson has denied insulting his boss, but their relationship hasn't recovered.

Steve Bannon – resigned

Chief Strategy Expert – resigns from August 2017

Bannon founded Breitbart News, a website that aims to stand against the mainstream media and provide a platform for movements at the far right of the political spectrum.

Following his relationship with the 64-year-old president, the following speculations were made: he complained about leaking information to the press and not receiving enough credits for policy contributions.

He submitted his resignation on 4 August 2017.

Michael Flynn – resigned

National Security Adviser – February 2017

Flynn, an ex-army general, joined Trump early in the campaign and in January 2017 he took on the role of a national security consultant – but in the 2016 election, he resigned less than a month despite an alleged involvement in Russia.

Since then, he has been found guilty of lying to the FBI in this investigation.

James Comey – fired

FBI Director – opened fire in May 2017

Former FBI director James Comey was fired by Trump in May 2017.

In the 2016 presidential election, Comey continued to investigate the Russian intervention.

His dismissal said he was afraid of breaking the integrity of the investigation.

Reince Priebus – Resignation

White House Chief of Staff – resigns from July 2017

When he resigned, Reince Priebus became the shortest-serving chief in US history.

If the Trump administration included chaos to characterize the early days of the administration, the report was forced and reportedly replaced by retired General John Kelly, secretary of staff on duty and former homeland security.

He resigned on June 28, 2017.

Sally Yates – fired

Attorney-at-Law opened fire in January 2017

Yates, who was appointed as Chief Prosecutor of former President Barack Obama, lasted 10 days under the presidency of Trump.

As a senior law enforcement officer, Yates ordered the justice ministry's lawyers not to defend the president's ban on people from seven Muslim majority countries.

He was fired on 30 January 2017.

Anthony Scaramucci – fired

White House Communications Director – opened fire in July 2017

Scaramucci, a former Reiri Priebus correspondent, came in a rooting time characterized by speculation of divisions between media leaks and White House staff.

His appointment asked former press secretary Sean Spicer and Priebus to act voluntarily in less than a week.

Scaramucci, nicknamed "Mooch", was asked to resign in July 2017 – less than two weeks after work – after giving an interview to Red York by Priebus and Bannon in New York. She sometimes defended herself by saying that she used "colored language".

Sean Spicer – resigned

White House Press Secretary resigns from July 2017

On July 21, 2017, Sean Spicer resigned and stepped down to Trump because he strongly opposed Scaramucci's election as Director of White House communications.

A 46-year-old, Adolf Hitler's speech in an attempt to emphasize the persecution of the Syrian government was the subject of media scrutiny by those who said they had humanity because they did not resort to chemical weapons.

Gary Cohn – resigned

Chief Economic Advisor – resigned from March 2018

Cohn, the most important economic adviser in Trump and chief of the National Economic Council, was disappointed with the recent tariff that the president was considering, and has since achieved laws.

Cohn resigned on 6 March to protest.

Advance Bharara – shoot

Chief Prosecutor of the New York South District – March 2017

All 46 US lawyers appointed by Obama were fired in March 2017, the former Bharara of southeastern Manhattan, after all rejected Trump 's order at the request of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Rob Porter resigns

White House Staff Secretary – resigns from February 2018

Rob Porter resigned in February 2018, after the staff secretary reported physical and emotional abuse of two ex-wives.

Porter denied the allegations but said he could no longer explain [the] The public with coordinated smear campaign.

Hope Hicks – resigned

White House Communications Director – February 2018 resigned from

Hope Hicks was one of the first to join Trump on the way to the campaign.

The resignation came a day after 28 February when he testified before the Home Intelligence Committee, which he agreed to sing "white lies" to defend President Trump.

Hicks was Trump's fifth communications director, and it's been over a year.

Tom Price – Resigned

US Secretary of Health and Human Services – September 2017 resigned from

Known as a provocative congressman against abuse of power and abuse of state funds, Price was caught in a media storm when media taxpayers were found to spend about $ 1 million on private aircraft during their short journeys.

29 September 2017 announced his resignation.

Sebastian Gorka – resigned

Vice President – August 2017 resigned

Gorka, a former Breitbart employee and chief strategist, is confident of Steve Bannon, citing departure on 25 August 2017.

It was widely accepted that Bannon's resignation was decided a week before.

Others who have resigned or expelled

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan Resigns from June 2018
  • Tom Bossert, Homeland Security Advisor, April 2018 Resigns
  • Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, Fired in March 2018
  • Rick Dearborn, General Staff Responsible for Legislation and Intergovernmental Affairs, resigned in December 2017
  • Brenda Fitzgerald, Director, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Resigns from January 2018
  • Omarosa Manigault, Communications Director, White House Public Relations Office, January 2018 Resignation
  • Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services, September 2017 Resigns
  • Communications Director Michael Dubke Resigns in May 2017
  • Walter Shaub, Office of Ethics Director of the Government, Resigns in July 2017
  • Katie Walsh, Vice President of the White House, March 2017 Resigned

** According to the US media, there are at least a dozen others who have been expelled or released from the White House since Trump took office.

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