Wednesday , February 24 2021

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About a year after WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton He made his high-definition output from Facebook, another manager and early employee of the messaging platform do the same. Neeraj Arora, the general manager of WhatsApp, announced today that it would be, time to recharge and spend some time with the family What.

Facebook In 2014, he purchased WhatsApp for $ 19 billion and pledged to continue to work independently under the messaging giant Acton and its founding partner Jan Koum. He served as chief executive officer until April, when he abruptly cease confidentiality and data concerns. In 2011, Arora, who joined WhatsApp from Google, said that Koum is the pioneer to take his place as CEO & # 39; water. Once he's out the door, it's not clear what he'll lead to WhatsApp. .

In the announcement today, Arora says he is “deeply indebted arkadaşı to both Acton and Koum, and ora has appointed me as their colleague for many years Bugün.

Facebook affiliates WhatsApp and Instagram The social media giant CEO is the flux periods that follow the origin of the original founders believed to have stemmed from fights with Mark Zuckerberg. .

Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, one of the biggest technology stories of 2018 and Mike Krieger The company announced that it will leave Facebook after purchasing a photo sharing application for $ 1 billion. In September, Koum shared the news a few months after leaving WhatsApp.

According to The New York Times, over the past year Zuckerberg has become increasingly aware of Instagram and has upset its leaders.

In a WhatsApp blog, Koum, Zuckerberg, and Facebook have no respect for privacy, he wrote: advertisements. In every advertising-selling company, a significant portion of the engineering team spends daily data mining writing better code to collect your personal data. Remember, when it comes to advertising, you're the user's product. "

According to TechCrunch's Josh Constine, Koum was unhappy about Facebook's implementation and how he would make money from his impact on privacy. T Both Acton and Koum set off before Facebook completely took over the multi-billion take. Millions of dollars in ongoing employment on Facebook.

Arora's starting point is evidence that Facebook has entered a new era. One of them is a period during which the company's purchasing strategy may face serious damage in the long term.

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