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Up to now the Game of Thrones & # 39; we know about the final season


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We finally know exactly when the winter will come.

HBO announced on Tuesday that the highly popular "Game of Thrones" series will be held in April 2019 on what will be the eighth and final season.

But before he gets excited about a new trailer that makes the drama look sneaky before coming: do. The premiere is a compendium of the entire series to remind us what happened on the subject, accompanied by video, audio and hashtags (#ForTheThrone) describing the timeline.

Basically, it's better if everyone is told and finished, the iron will sit on the throne.

HBO & # 39; s latest official news, a year ago, the premium network "GoT" in 2019 & # 39; s promised to return, HBO always holding cards close to the chest, we know a few things about this last season – from a time 20 We see new episodes that will take off months later – and we can make educated predictions about what to expect.

How long will this season last?

The last season will be only six episodes, which makes the series as soon as possible. The episode from Season 7 to 6 had 10 chapters each. There were seven episodes in Season 7.

However, in the last season there will be longer than normal sections and each will last 80 minutes.

Despite the short term, it took 10 months to take the eighth season, and each episode was about $ 15 million, according to Variety. Think of all the battles, dragons and immortals that can only be bought!

Source material, please?

As in the 6th and 7th seasons, show writers George R.R. They didn't draw the drawing of Martin & # 39; s "A Song of Ice and Fire"; The world is still awaiting the completion of the sixth installment "Winter Wind". (Did Martin say that he would be in 2014? These two midterms and a presidential election was held!)

What should we expect, plot-wise?

Warning: The next possible lightweight and very submissive spoiler!

Entertainment Weekly took part in the set and revealed some basic points of conspiracy: Back to the beginning of the series, we'll see a mockery of Winterfell, but they'll all be with Daenerys and his army as they head down to the north for threats. The wall. Also Sansa is not happy about the whole Jon-bending-knee-Targaryen event.

Also, lastly, we expect the Dead Army to be like a "theme park" with the big faceoff and a jump from the Battle of Bastards according to actor Peter Dinklage.

Who's behind the camera?

Directors of the past "Thrones" returned to the final season. Season 8 directors include showrunners David Benioff and D.B. He will direct the series finale. Miguel Sapochnik, who led the "War of Virgo"; and David Nutter, who manages the devastating Red Wedding section ("Castamere Rains").

Based on that, we're coming to life for some shocking deaths and tremendous, incredible battles.

What do I have to do when it's all over?

Get ready to watch more! Martin said there were five "Thrones" prequels in development, and HBO's pilot ordered one.

HBO, the series that took place thousands of years ago from the events of dün Game of Thrones, es is coming down from the golden age of the Heroes to the darkest hour in the world. H "The horrific secrets of the history of Westeros, the true origin of the White Marchers, the Stark of the mystery legends of the Orient, only one thing is certain: it is not a story we know."

Edi We're not done with Westeros yet, m Martin said in September, backstage in Emmys. "We have so many stories to tell."

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