Tuesday , October 4 2022

Trump celebrates GOP gains and threatens House Democrats following interim periods


When Washington began to fight with its new split reality, President Donald Trump withdrew his party's Senate victories, mocked members of his own party who had lost it after asking for his support, and even suggested that he could manage it more effectively after losing. Congress room.

At the beginning of next year, when the Democrats officially took control of the Assembly, Trump faces endless investigations, along with new questions about the endless policy efforts and the resilience of the non-elite political coalition. Nonetheless, they celebrated the Republican successes in obtaining the Senate and committed the crime of losing the GOP candidates because they were away from him and his extraordinary methods.

He got into the lap of an unstable victory, and despite a split decision, a 90-minute White House news conference said, "I thought it was very close to completing the victory." He also downplayed the number of high-profile Democrats, including his predecessor, who had crossed the nation to support the island and also claimed to be the only one responsible for his Republican victories.

Trump said, "It was just me. I had no one else." Said.

Although the Republicans were likely to have the highest number of Senate seats in 100 years, Trump was trying to avoid the failure of the Party to retain control. In an extraordinary scene, he soon evoked the Republicans who were defeated kayb Too bad, Mike medi, bir Mia Love didn't give me love, and he lost another ad and blamed them for not hugging the agenda.

"The candidates, who adopted our message about lower taxes, lower regulation, low crime, strong borders and major judges, were successful the other night." Said. Im On the other hand, let's stay away. Too bad they did. I'm not sure I should be happy or sad, but I feel good. "

The President's rebellion was felt at Capitol Hill. Republican Ryan Costello, a so-called Republican republican who announced that they retired earlier this year, tweeted his displeasure with the president's dialogue and said his colleagues "would not care any more about the time, they would not agree with the POTUS". Losing the POTUS bc and making it piss it leads me to my core.

Trump suggested that there could be a room for two partisanship. Democrats, who pushed the Democrats to challenge itself to their campaign, have in fact announced their willingness to work with them on infrastructure. The olive branch, however, announced that the Republicans retaliated if they used their own controls to investigate the work of the Democrats, demand their tax returns, and their business relations, the behavior of the cabinet, and their links with Russia.

"We can play this game, but we can play better, because we have something called the United States Senate," Trump said. ”If that happens, we'll do the same thing and the government has stopped and we will blame them.“

However, the White House press conference has also mentioned Trump's attacks on the media, because the president has repeatedly insulted reporters, interrupted questions, and exacerbated his anger repeatedly, because he saw some of them as y racist ına. . He also replied the repeated questions about upcoming personnel changes in the West Wing or his Cabinet – the outgoing warrior, Jeff, implied that movements, including the fate of Sessions, could come soon.

Trump's roasted soil campaign came to define the 2018 campaign. Recently, with the approval of the Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, he tried to motivate the fans with the battle.

On the way back to the immigration-heavy 2016 playbook, Trump continued to release all his anger as immigrants slowly moved southward into the camper's trailer. As many non-prisoners approached, many Republicans have sought to appeal to moderate voters in suburban home districts, but Trump prioritized priority elections that would determine the fate of the Senate in the dark red states.

Associated Press author Deb Riechmann contributed to this report.

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