Saturday , April 17 2021

Toyota to deliver 2019 Prius electric all-wheel drive system

The AWD-e version will not be as efficient as the normal 2019 Prius (up to 53MPG in the L Eco trim) and will use the old but cooler nickel-metal hydride battery technology instead of the lithium-ion pack. FWD models. At least you don't need to pay a hard premium. Although Toyota does not disclose pricing or availability, AWD-e will be available in the mid range of the LE and XLE configurations. The XLE variant adds an option for an extended three-door smart key system, heated front seats and an adaptive front lighting system.

You won't have to choose a Prius if you are aware of the cost. Toyota simultaneously released the first hybrid Corolla as a 2020 model in the United States. The Corolla Hybrid (below) is visually identical to its traditional equivalent, but matches a 1.8L four-cylinder engine with a compact nickel-metal hydride battery to produce a total of 121HP without interrupting the car's valuable interior. While the automobile manufacturer is not fixing fuel economy figures, it expects at least 50 MPG. You can even run the car as an electric vehicle for the "short distances" as you travel through the parking lot.

At the moment there is no pricing for this more green Corolla, although it should come in spring 2019. This includes standard features such as Alexa volume control, Apple CarPlay and collision prevention, adaptive cruise control as well as Safety Sense 2.0, as well as the standard strip retention and road mark detection as standard according to the specifications of the current Corolla.

Roberto Baldwin contributed to this report.

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

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