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Today in History

Today is Wednesday, November 21, 325th Day of the 2018 Day. 40 days a year.

The Emphasis of History in Today:

On November 21, 1980, 87 people died at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On this date:

In 1789, North Carolina became the 12th state to ratify the US Constitution.

Rebecca L. Felton of Georgia in 1922 was sworn in as the first woman to serve in the US Senate; The term ended as a result of an appointment, the day after Walter F. George, a special election winner, came to power.

In 1927, collector strikers in the Columbine Mine in northern Colorado were expelled by the state police; Six miners are dead.

In 1931, the Universal horror film # Frankenstein, ”which was the creator of Boris Karloff and Colin Clive, was released for the first time.

In 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Air Quality Act.

In 1969, the Senate declined to nominate 55-45 year-old Clement F. Haynsworth, who was rejected for the first time since 1930, to the Supreme Court.

In 1979, a mafia killed two Americans at the U-S Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

In 1985, US Navy intelligence analyst Jonathan Jay Pollard was arrested, accused of spying for Israel. (Pollard was later found guilty of espionage and sentenced to life imprisonment in prison. On November 20, 2015 he was released on parole.)

A three-day hurricane boom that erupted in 13 states in 1992 began in the Houston area before it spread to the Midwesther and East U.N. 26 people were killed. Senator Bob Packwood, R-Ore. He apologized but refused to discuss the allegations that he had made unwanted sexual advances against ten women for ten years. Faced with the threat of deportation, Packwood resigned from the Senate in 1995.)

In 1995, Balkan leaders gathered in Dayton, Ohio, and launched a peace plan to end the three-and-a-half-year-long ethnic war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 1997, the US armed forces returned to Iraq following the presence of the Americans with Saddam Hussein's United Nations team for three weeks.

In 2001, a 94-year-old Oxford doctor, Ottilie (AH), died from inhalation anthrax. It was the last victim of a series of anthrax attacks carried out through the postal system.

Ten years ago: Wall Street made a comeback, and major indices jumped more than 5 percent and Dow Jones's industries increased by about 500 points. Somali pirates saved the oil burden after the payment of MV Genius, a Greek tanker, which secured the safety of 19 crewmen and a ransom. Madonna and Guy Ritchie were given divorce by a London court.

Five years ago: when the Democrats left behind a century, wiping the way to quickly confirm the controversial appointments made by President Barack Obama, he took a piece from the sacred filibuster tradition of the Senate; The Republicans warned the Democrats to regret their actions when the political fortunes were reversed and a GOP president could no longer prevent the appointment. Fifty-four people were killed in a supermaket roof collapse in Riga, Latvia. Three women were freed after being held in a house in South London for 30 years.

A year ago: President Donald Trump, who has been silent for allegations of sexual assault against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, has denied the allegations and said voters should not support Moore's "liberal" rival. The young pop star David Cassidy, who was the star of the Partridge Family in the early 1970's, died at the age of 67; She had previously been diagnosed with dementia. Zimbabwe's 93-year-old president Robert Mugabe resigned; he was in charge of impeachment and was held under house arrest by the army.

Today's birthday: Actress Laurence Luckinbill 84. Actress Marlo Thomas 81. Actor Rick Lenz 79. Juliet Mills 77. Famer Earl Monroe Basketball Hall 74. Television producer Marcy Carsey 74. Actor Goldie Hawn 73. Movie director Andrew Davis 72. Rock musician Lonnie Jordan (War) 70. Singer Livingston Taylor 68. Actor-singer Lorna Luft 66. Cherry Jones 62. Rock musician Brian Ritchie (The Violent Femmes): 58. Gospel singer Steven Curtis Chapman, 56 years old. Player Nicollette Sheridan, 55 years old. Singer-player Bjork (byork), 53 years old. Pro and Troy Trophy Aikman's College Football Hall, 52. Rhythm-and-blues singer Chauncey Hannibal (BLACKstreet) 50. Rock musician Alex James (Blur) 50. Famer Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Hall 49. TV Personality Rib Hillis 48. Rapper Pretty Lou (Lost Boyz) 47. Football player-TV channel personality Michael Strahan (STRAY & # 39; -han) is 47 years old. Actor Rain Phoenix 46th Country singer Kel si Osborn (SHEDAISY) 44. Actor Jimmi Simpson 43. Singer actress Lindsey Haun 34. Actress Jena Malone 34. Pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen is 33 years old. Actor-singer Sam Palladio 31.

Thought for today: "Do not confuse movement with movement." – Ernest Hemingway, American author (1899-1961).

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