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Today for Thursday, November 22, 2018 | Todayinhistory

Highlighting in Today's History: On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was killed riding a motorcycle in Dallas; Texas Governor John B. Connally was seriously injured in the same car as Kennedy; One suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arrested; Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson swore as president.

1906: The leş S-O-S m danger signal was accepted in the International Radio Telegraph Convention in Berlin.

1914: Ypres's first war during World War I ended with an Allied victory against Germany.

1935: A flying boat, China Clipper, California, carried more than 100,000 mails from Alameda to its first trans-Pacific airline flight.

1943: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek met in Cairo to discuss measures to defeat Japan. Lirikçi Lorenz Hart, 48, died in New York.

1954: The United States Humane Association was included as a National Humanitarian Society.

1955: Howard, the comic poem of "Three Stooges," died at age 60 in Hollywood.

1965: "La Mancha Man" in Broadway opened the musical.

1967: U.N. The Security Council adopted Resolution 242 calling for dissenting, calling on Israel to recognize Israel's right to exist.

1975: Juan Carlos is declared King of Spain.

1977: The supersonic between New York and Europe started regular passenger service as a trial in the Concorde.

1990: British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher says he will resign as the Conservative Party leadership fails to win its reelection in the first elections.

1995: U.N. The Security Council suspended economic sanctions against Serbia and eased the embargo against the former Yugoslavian states.

Ten years ago: At the weekly Democratic radio station, President Barack Obama introduced an economic plan that said he would provide 2.5 million jobs, but his spokesman later announced that the plan would "save and create" so many jobs. President George W. Bush gave new international support to the economy and North Korea at a Pacific Coastal economic summit in Peru.

Five years ago: on the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, Dallas honored the fallen leader.

A year ago: a former confederation of leading leader Robert Mugabe (Emmerson Mnangagwa), Mugabe returned to Zimbabwe to become the next president a day after resigning; "A new, open-minded democracy," he promised. North Korea said the United States' decision to list the country as a state sponsor of terrorism is a "serious provocation" that justifies the development of nuclear weapons. Former sports doctor Larry Nassar, who is accused of harassing at least 125 girls and young women while working for the US Gymnastics and Michigan State University, was found guilty of multiple sexual assault charges. Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic, who has carried out the biggest massacre in Europe since World War II, was convicted of genocide and other crimes by the United Nations Yugoslav war crimes tribunal and was sentenced to life imprisonment behind bars.

Actor Michael Callan 83. Actor Allen Garfield 79. Animator and director Terry Gilliam 78. Actor Tom Conti 77. Singer Jesse Colin Young 77. Astronaut Guion Bluford 76th International Wise Jean Tennis Hall King 75 years old. Rock musician-actor Steve Van Zandt (aka Little Steven) 68. Rock musician Tina Weymouth (Presidents; Talking Heads; Tom Tom Club) 68. Retired MLB All-Star Greg Luzinski 68. Actress Tucci, 67. Rock musician Lawrence Gowan, 62 years. Actor Richard Kind, 62 years old. Player Jamie Lee Curtis, 60 years old. Jason Ringenberg (Jason & The Scorchers) is 60 years old. Player Mariel Hemingway, 57 years old. Player Winsor Harmon, 55 years old. Actor-led producer Brian Robbins, 55. Stephen Geoffreys, 54. Rock musician Charlie Colin, 52 years old. Player Nicholas Rowe is 52 years old. Player Michael K. Williams, 52 years old. Actor Mark Ruffalo, 51. Famer Boris International Tennis Hall. Becker is 51. Player Sidse (SIH & # 39; -sa) Babett Knudsen 50 years old Country musician Chris Fryar (Zac Brown Band) 48. (TV: z American Idol Oyuncu is 29 years old Alden Ehrenreich is 29 years old.

Thought today: l You will never reach something big without great men, and men are big if they are so determined. L – Charles de Gaulle (born in 1890 at that time, died in 1970).

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