Friday , April 16 2021

Samsung's 1TB 860 QVD SSD aims to make flash storage more economical

Samsung's 1TB 860 QVD SSD aims to make flash storage more economical

Samsung wants to reduce SSD prices

FLEXIBLE TELEPHONE Samsung is not devoid of lofty ambitions, so it's likely to make flash storage as cheap as spinning drives.

This may seem a step, considering that the SSDs for the South Korean company are slightly more expensive than HHDs with the same storage capacity. But Sammy, with the 1TB 860 QVD SSD, seems to be sitting on a new ground, breaking a new floor, and this will only cost $ 149 (some £ 140).

If you were like us, you would skip the Overclockers or Browsing in this paragraph to check the price of HHD at that moment.

Yes, we know that you can receive approximately £ 60 & # 39; 2d of storage, but you don't have the data transfer performance you get in an SSD; This surprise, surprise, why SSDs are more costly.

However, with read / write speeds of up to 550MB / s and 520MB / s, Samsung is targeting the 1TB 860 QVD SSD to achieve SSD performance at the market at a more compatible price with higher-end spinning discs. .

"Today's consumers use, produce and store higher-resolution files than ever before, including increased demand for 4K video and graphics-intensive games, more capacity and performance on storage devices," he says. Memory in Samsung Electronics.

"With the launch of the Samsung 860 QVO, Samsung continues to move towards the very terabyte SSDs, delivering faster performance, reliability and value to more consumers worldwide."

To support this hyperbola, the 860 QVO uses Samsung's latest 4-bit V-NAND and Smart TurboWrite technology to provide sporty nippy speeds for good time periods.

SSD's prices have weakened in recent years, but their capacities have also increased.

They can't just replace a spinning disk drive for pure storage capacity at an affordable price, but the 860 QVO performs its first output in December, and the SSDs are even the simplest computer manufacturers. μ

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