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No more Netflix in the Wii, Nintendo is ending the stream in January

Wii system

Some people are still using Wii to broadcast Netflix or Hulu on their TVs.

Amanda Kooser / CNET

Nintendo put a new nail Wii coffin. According to Netflix, Nintendo shuts down all video streaming services for the console at the end of January. While Netflix & # 39; s website lists the date of January 30, the service expires, the service also sent an e-mail to the news on January 31, sent to Reddit. Email states:

"Unfortunately, Nintendo will suspend all streaming video services on the Wii, including the Netflix Channel on January 31, 2019. We hope you will enjoy an even better Netflix experience with additional features on a supported device. Please note netflix.com/ Visit our device list for wii. "

We've reached Netflix to clarify history, but it seems Nintendo has turned off other streaming services for Wii-like Hulu and Amazon Video.

The Wii was a hit making more than 101 million units today. Although at the age of 12, she is still walking around in many homes – and her ability to transfer Netflix or Hulu keeps her fit.

The old Wii's still plugged into my parents' house as a special Netflix machine. But once you get the Nintendo stream, it may be time to retire the Wii forever.

At least Nintendo will let you publish your video Wii U, 3DS or circuit breaker (Unfortunately, Netflix isn't in Switch yet, Use YouTube or replace Hulu.

Nintendo didn't respond to this comment request immediately.

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