Wednesday , October 20 2021

Nintendo does not work on the N64 Classic


Nintendo does not work on the N64 Classic

Why do you hate happiness, Nintendo?

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY Are your hopes and dreams being vanished indefinitely to start on Friday? Nintendo is the lethal du jour, which doesn't even give the illusion that it can work on a miniature N64 Classic to track the footprints of the NES Classic and the SNES Classic Mini.

When asked if an N64 Classic is on the road KotakuNintendo & # 39; s Reggie & # 39; s "Imaginative" Fils-Aime has taken Clawhammer to our collective enthusiasm: "I'll never dominate anything, but what I can tell you is definitely not in our planning horizon."

Olarak When we did our first two Classic series, we were open to them, which was a limited time opportunity for us as a way of launching the Wii U as a hardware system for Nintendo Switch. "Fils-Aime has slightly encouraged us not to make a scene and not to focus on all the good times we share."

Very strategic and also very necessary. It was clear that the Wii U was the last dead duck in the NES title. Duck hunting Until 2016, however, the Switch was still a year away from the release. Recalling the magic touches of Nintendo, it has once become a masterpiece to eliminate the difference.

So where do people get the idea of ​​a retro game? "Now that we're looking forward to dealing with our classic content, which is increasingly happening with the consumer, subscription service, we now have a very clear agreement."

It would not have been drawn on whether this would be content beyond 30 years of age. ”Then we'll see what happens,“ he said.

It turns out that Sony will get all the retro dollars that challenge this Christmas. But if they're working on people, we'il forgive Nintendo. Super Mario Galaxy 3 immediately. μ

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