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Nicky Butt: Manchester United, City | football

Nicky Butt acknowledged that Manchester United has been facing a daunting task of bringing themselves back into the uk country's largest club, but also the city in after witnessing advances that have been shaken by Manchester City over the past decade.

The six Premier League championship and as a player there was a Champions League winner after 24 hours of the club's 3-1 defeat in the club's academy manager club. This victory of City, the prevailing champions, received 12 points from United.

In the Premier Sports Network event in London, he said, sizin You are up against a team that is very good for you now and every time. Londra ; It came to us when we were a team that wanted to do good in Europe. We opposed the Juventus team who were superior to us, and beat us every time they played. So every time and again you hold your hands and say that they are a better team than us. [have] To be honest for us better players and each team in the Premier League is very good. As good as any team in Europe.

Un Everyone who felt a little common sense knew it was going to be a very difficult game on Sunday, and we had to be out of business and as a result every player was supposed to be at the top of the game. team. It wasn't. It was a much better team of the day. For Manchester United we now have a challenge to go back to where we want to be. [to be] The country's largest club, but also in the city. So this challenge should be in the place where we want to be owners, board, manager and club in general. And to be honest, we have a challenge to get there. "

As a member of a group of 92 bitches, he is now accused of bringing in new generation players through United's youth system, but the 43-year-old has witnessed the rise of the city after taking over Abu Dhabi in 2008.

Al In the local area, I remember the rumors about buying rumors in the East Manchester area and wanting to build a large complex like a small mini-town in the city. it happens,, Butt said. ‘Before you know it, there and in your opinion: önce Very impressive“.

Yer Not everyone can have a cup of tea, but you have to admit, it's an impressive place to have. And they get something. The next challenge is the European Cup, because you can't compare to the best teams in Europe until you win the Champions League. This is their next challenge. "

United is in talks with Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young about new year deals and the players' contracts will end after this season.

Valencia and Young, both of whom are 33, seized United from the full-backed positions during this campaign. The youngest has worn the armband in recent matches because Valencia is getting rid of oral surgery.

Since 2009, he joined the Old Trafford and Young two years later. José Mourinho is eager to stay in both.

Her young career becomes a regular on full return, while her late career is enjoying a renaissance. Last season's first choice was left-back and it was regularly justified in the absence of Valencia.

Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial of the United States have issued the upcoming international members of France for those injured.

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