Sunday , May 22 2022

More than 12 years for Arcadia lithium mine estimated at $ 106 million



Africa's lithium developer Prospect Resources, listed on the ASX list, completed a 2.4 Mtpa development of the 87% Arcadia Lithium Project in Zimbabwe at DFS.

The results confirm the strong financial and geological values ​​of the project and make the company the leading producer of lithium and battery minerals.

This successful DFS in Arcadia provides a compelling foundation for completing additional project procurement arrangements for the company (in addition to the existing off-take deal with Sinomine) and project financing with the expectation of construction.

Construction and mine development works in Arcadia, which will be managed by Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe (PLZ), will be commissioned in November 2020 and will be completed in the 3rd EP2020.

DFS shows that Arcadia's estimated estimated estimated Mine Mine (LOM) revenue over the 12-year mine life will be US $ 2.93 billion and the average annual EBITDA will be a strong financial, high-margin project with US $ 106 million. .

Prospect Resources MD, Sam Hosack, tamamlan It is a great achievement to have a successful DFS to complete the Arcadia Lithium Project on a 2.4 Mtpa in basic case ılı.

The DFS results make the company a major player in the global lithium market. "

Bin The successful conclusion of this DFS is a proof of the power of the Prospect's team.

In A lot of work has been done with this DFS and confirmed my belief that Arcadia is Africa's leading lithium development project with regard to its scale, grade, economy and team. “

Ası This DFS is an important turning point for Prospect in transition to development. On the strong foundations of the lithium market, we are excited at the opportunity to take advantage of the initial production of lithium concentrates.

Mak Based on the mining economy and financial strength of the project, we are rapidly moving forward to finance, develop and start production in Arcadia. “

”In order to upgrade our product and obtain an additional value from the lithium supply chain, we have initiated pre-feasibility studies to test the viability of a lithium chemical plant in our plant.“

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