Friday , March 5 2021

Michelin introduces Tokyo star restaurants, rice ball shop Bib list doing

TOKYO (Kyodo) – On Tuesday, Michelin announced the 2019 star fork dish lists in Tokyo. The capital, the world's highest number of star restaurants, he said. three stars.

The guide, which will be available on Friday, also includes a rice ball shop for the first time. Yadoroku is welcomed as a Bib Gourmand among the 254 Tokyo restaurants selected for fine dining under 5,000 Yen ($ 44).

Yadoroku in Asakusa, "onigiri" – has been serving since 1954 – white rice, which is typically transformed into a triangular shape and wrapped in nori algae.

Onigiri is often filled with various ingredients, such as Japanese plum melted in small shrimp and salt that fills and boiled in Yadoroku's soy sauce.

The 13-star restaurant has a French restaurant, L & # 39; Osier. Since the beginning of the list, there are four three-star restaurants for 12 years. This restaurant includes Sukiyabashi Jiro, a sushi restaurant, and Kanda, serving traditional Japanese cuisine.

Michelin has awarded 52 restaurants and 165 restaurants for two stars.

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