Friday , May 20 2022

Maybe you shouldn't try to twist the iPad Pro like a paper clip


Apple's new iPad Pro may be the last big tablet, but it would be wise to handle it carefully. Apple's critical lover seems to be bending easily under the right amount of pressure you expect, but a less conspicuous amount.

This observation would like to thank Zack Nelson, who has YouTuber behind the popular product review channel JerryRigEverything. The latest endurance test from Apple's new productivity-focused product – the hard work and the need to try to destroy it with sharp objects throughout its usual process – shows that it has taken the least amount of pressure to make the product essentially useless.

"A paper is the size of a paper curl, like a piece of paper," says Nelson. "The iPad Pro is a thin, durable aluminum sack with a structure that holds things together. It's like a galley wrapped around mashed potatoes."


As Nelson pointed out, the product's slightly bending ability, people carrying their tablets in their backpack may be carrying reports with other large or heavy objects that have appeared before.

As with iPhone 6 Plus during Bendgate of 2016, this could be a problem (which seems much less likely when considering the size of iPad Pro).

Nelson tested a 28 cm display, which is smaller than Apple's iPad Pro. And if 28cm is bent in this way, we can assume that the 33cm version is absolutely valid. According to Nelson, "there are none of these structural integrity features of iPad Pro."

If the product destruction is porn jam, the rest of the video is quite interesting, especially if there is an itch to see the intestines of iPad Pro or Apple Pencil.

Here you have to be careful about how you handle a tablet that can run almost one large or more depending on the package, storage and screen size. At least put a case on it. And definitely not Try to bend it.

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