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Maurizio Sarri says that Chelsea could fire her if she didn't win a trophy within four years – Brinkwire


Maurizio Sarri doubts that Chelsea could endure four years without a trophy as Tottenham had under Mauricio Pochettino.

Although Sarri and Pochettino shared an undesired distinction about not buying silver goods in his management career, he attracted elites.

Sarri argues that the history of Chelsea must end in order to remain drought.

When asked if he would borrow four years in Chelsea without a trophy, Sarri said: ı I don't think but I don't know. This applies to the club – if it is more important to win or is more important to improve the players.

Sarri takes the Blues side on Saturday to the temporary Wembley house in Tottenham, and wants to make an unbeatable start to the Premier League season in 12 games.

The increased uncertainty about the construction of Tottenham's new stadium in White Hart Lane and when to play there may have contributed to Pochettino's contribution to Sputes to wait for a 10-year trophy.

Last summer, Pochettino signed a contract extension up to 2023 and was sympathetic to Sarri's lack of silverware.

Için I want to win just one thing to avoid this question, ”said the 59-year-old Italian.

Ir Sometimes there are conditions to win. Not sometimes.

It is clear that he is a very important coach, without a trophy or trophy. "

Sarri's predecessor, Antonio Conte, was relieved of his position in July, although he won the Premier League in his first season and the FA Cup in the second second.

Conte mentioned his admiration for Tottenham striker Harry Kane.

Sarri asked what he could sign the Spurs player and was happy to appreciate Christian Eriksen.

But when the issue of the Danish player's contract expires, Sarri intervened.

He said: ‘No, no, no. I love him very much, but of course I don't want to talk about a player in Tottenham for the (transfer) market. I just answered a question.

On Friday, Sarri used the media pre-game conference to assess his own side chances and introduce Manchester City.

Liverpool is the only party that challenges City, says Sarri, and Chelsea is fighting for the remaining Champions League qualifying points.

Pochettino claimed that Chelsea and Arsenal provided an advantage over playing in the second-tier Euroleague instead of the Champions League.

Sarri admits that the quality of competition can be advantageous, but the proximity of the fixtures stating that he is playing in the Premier League next Thursday at PAOK and next Sunday is a further disadvantage.

Sarri added: mental Perhaps we have an advantage from the mental point of view. No physical point of view.

Sarri hopes that his side will start a more aggressive start against Spurs after not being satisfied with the "mental problem" in the last three games.

Problem The problem was that the opponents were more determined, more aggressive than us, Problem he added.

Ta This is not a tactical problem, not a physical problem. We need to approach the match in a different way for practice and stability.

We must be careful. We need to focus on this problem. "

Chelsea has unexplained doubts, Mateo Kovacic (ankle) is expected to compete.

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