Monday , May 16 2022

Manchester United CEO's water club leads investors to financial results, while Ed Woodward's conference calls stand out


Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward addressed the club's investors in a three-month conference call this afternoon after announcing the club's latest financial results.

In a published report, it turned out that United has revenues of £ 135 million for the first quarter of this fiscal year ended September 30th.

They also have an operating profit of £ 13.9 million, and they start partnerships with Kohler and True Religion and start making new agreements with Canon Medical Systems and Deezer.

. Our financial strength allows us to continue to attract and protect the best players and invest in our academy, because we are moving towards the success that the club and our fans are waiting for.

"In order to ensure sustainable growth in all areas of our club, we continue our way to provide our revenue guidance for the record year, which is the basis of our long-term strategic plan."

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