Wednesday , April 14 2021

LL Cool J Files Against Bells Festival Rock For Trademark Infringement, Cybersquatting

Festival founders maintain a website and social network channels using the brand even though they have fallen in 2013 and lost their rights to the brand.

LL Cool J is currently launching a legal action against the founders of the Rock the Bells music festival, which currently blames trademark infringement, cyber piracy and more, to protect a website using the same name as the 1985 hit single and to protect various social media channels. .

No. Rock the Bells ü was the third single on the first album of LL Cool J & # 39; Radio & # 39; s third single and Hot R & B / Hip-Hop Songs. Tops in 17. Rapper – real name James Todd Smith – has since used the mark on the brand and launched their own Rock the Bells channel in SiriusXM last March.

Meanwhile, the Rock the Bells festival began in southern California at the beginning of the year with international iterations touring the country and ran between 2004-2013.

As states of litigation, Guerilla Division resorted to trademark registrations for the use of ve Zilleri Taşla ticari ten years ago, each with their own live events and various items. But the Rock the Bells festival ended in 2013 because of bad ticket sales and tax issues. And last year, LL Cool J decided to cancel the trademark of the iptal Bells Rock “brands of Guerilla Division on the grounds of cancellation of its use, and its replacement was rigged. These decisions were made without appeal, in favor of LL Cool J, and since that time the rapper has begun filing his trademark records for expression use in various goods and services.

Still, the Guerilla Division maintains a limited and passive use of the trademark without the permission of LL Cool J, protecting the website and @rockthebells social media branches. This summer, after sending three letters to the Guerilla Division requesting the transfer of the domain name and social media branches without answering, LL Cool J claims that its trademark, business reputation, and goodwill may suffer or be damaged by such use. wants to take a measure. .

Rock and Roll Hall, which is a candidate for fame candidate, claims that there is a violation of trademark, criminality of origin or association, misrepresentation, cyberpower and unfair competition claims. In addition to the precautionary measures, he also wants the Guerilla Division to make use of the trademark, to recover from any damages, from penalties and legal fees.

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