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Jah Signal stands at the top of stardom – River Radio

By Mtandazo Dube

Jah Signal has created a disability! There was no need to publish his album ”Jaya yayın which is very close to Jah Prayzah's tu Chitubu“ version and there is no chance of winning the PR war.

Jah Signal
Jah Signal

Jah Prayzah and his team have special skills in marketing and hiping not only their own activities, but also the singer's products – they proved it once again last weekend.

Recently, Jah Prayzah once again proved its brand power with a full house in HICC, with the rise in prices of basic products and medicines in a country that survived dry stations and a defective brewery.

So Jah Prayzah's PR machine, Jah Signal last weekend in Kuwadza 2 Grounds more than 15 000 people attended the extraordinary launch, formerly the usual plus or minus 5 000 remained in the shadow.

Jah Signal's project is dead and buried?

”No”, müzik Nhando ünde, ş Ndine Mukomana Wangu “and” Gomo ando.

Biri In my career, I've produced several award-winning albums, I have a good ear for music, and this is one of the best albums of every artist I work with. Here's Jah Signal's career, and something like that takes him to the next level,, says Gweru.

He added: lam If the album had its strength and, of course, a series of supportive and sponsorships standing with him, his timing would have wasted a lot of time, but now Zimbabweis aren't stupid, they knew. good music."

Jaz Signal praises the award-winning music entertainment companies Chipaz Promotions and Jackie Dzabasa aka Jack Radix, an experienced Zim dancehall promoter working with South Africa-based Silent Killer Promotions.

Göstermek This album, sahip Jaya bir, is the first of Jah Signal, but the answer he has received from Zimbabweis around the world shows that the young man has a bright future. The Kuwadzana show, though not of Zimbabwe, saw more than 15 000 people from Harare, breaking the open air space for the first time to witness the release of the album.

Dı Its main advantage was that before the release of the album, aya Stonyeni ”, a single released before, was already a street anthem. When he was young, he showed a new voice and great potential. Radix said the video "Shinga Muroora" has more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Farklı Jaya is different from the songs he made in the past. It was very well received by music lovers around the world. It's only a matter of time before the explosion. In his launch (3 November) he sold 3 500 CDs brought to the venue and still had great demand. This album made her a mainstream pastime – I have no doubt. "

With a suitable scene usually reserved for large shows, Jah Signal completed Kuwadzana with a sound system suitable for smart lighting and stadium performance.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Society in the sessions of the overly published album, DJ Zee, the real-life director of the K2, said his real name was Perkins Govere, who turned to the stars after the release of ere Jaya etic and the very successful release of the album, Jah Signal.

Yok Nyama yakanaka inozvitengesa yega (good quality meat doesn't need the seller). That's a big check. Thousands of people participating in the launch of Jah Signal are explanations. Of course, his brand already existed but this album and launch took itself to a whole new level.

Orum I've been playing at K2 Night Club for years and I live here. I have never seen a concert of this magnitude, or this area was organized. This young man raised the bar too hard and secured his base in the process because this is where he grew up and went to school.

Konser The respect he gave during these concerts and other achievements was unbelievable. No parent can tell the child that music is now for knocks – music has proved to be a rewarding career. DJ Zee, that discipline, hard work and tenacity of what can bring in this industry is a living proof, "he said.

Jah Signal, drowned by the crowd in the launch of K2 Grounds, became so emotional, kneeled on stage and thanked his fans. The crowd was so big that the projectors had to be set up quickly so everyone would see what was going on. The parking lot was a nightmare, supermarkets, and a series of small-scale retailers' early closures – some of them dealing with dı chaos, ölçek while others wanted to be part of the fun.

Others include Seh Calaz, Pah Chihera, Chillspot Family, Hwindi President, Killer T, Freeman, Lady Squanda, Queen Kadhijah and DJ Cables.

Her manager Hillary kadar Punchline ulaş Mutake said that they were on the road until they reached all parts of the country.

39 We will take you to different towns and cities in Zimbabwe and other countries. We will also post a series of music videos. So far we've done two and we're working on four more videos, iki Mutake said.

Jah Signal expressed his gratitude to his fans, sponsors and parents for the album launch.

The event was supported by Innocent Shito, the Team Swah Family, led by Silent Killer Logistics, Impala Car Rental, EU Communication, Punchline Entertainment, Dapper Gents and Mhofela.

In addition to Oskid Productions, Jah Signal worked with Simplex, Maselo Productions, T-Man, DJ Tamuka and DJ Lovers to create a 14-track album aimed at singing this year's festive season.

Impressive songs include ”Jaya ur,“ Nhando ”,“ Stonyeni ”,“ Shanda ”and“ Unovashungurudza arasında.

Even without an album, Jah Signal sets off with more than 50 singles such as ”Tirarira v,” Mkwasha Imboko ”, R Ganda Idema”, uny Kunzungu Nekunyimo ”, Id Rure Rure”, mb Rudo w, ”Tisvike ar. output. “,” Ndezvepasi ”, i Ku Gombwe“, ”Dai Mandiudza” and ep Yatanga Hondo “.

Its services are sought both locally and internationally. This Wednesday, a two-week tour of Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Sunday post.

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