Wednesday , February 24 2021

ISS Toilet Astronauts can be Infect 'Space Bugs & # 39; By Swarmed

The analysis showed that five strains of the mysterious bacteria found in the space station belong to a species called Enterobacter bugandensis. They resembled genomes that infect newborn babies on the planet, and expressed concern that they could threaten the health of astronauts.

The astronauts of the International Space Station coexist with a colony of "space beetles" that could put their future space missions in a new work.

According to researchers from the California Institute of Technology, who published their findings in the BMC Microbiology magazine, the orbiting patrol is home to the five-bar Enterobacter bacterium that resembles infectious organisms infecting hospital patients, including newborns in Africa and the North. America. Examples of microbes are taken from the toilet and in an exercise area at the space station.

Thanksgiving at the International Space Station

"We have discovered that the genomes of five ISS Enterobacter strains genetically resemble the three most recently found strains in the world. These three strains belong to one species of bacteria called Enterobacter bugandensis, which causes newborns and a danger. Washington state and Colorado accepted the patient, a senior research scientist in the laboratory conducting the research, said Kasthuri Venkateswaran.

The research team believes that bacteria in their current form do not pose a threat to human health. However, they warn that alar space defects ecek should be monitored because they could potentially pose a risk to future tasks.

Although ISS strains appear to be non-virulent to humans as they are currently available, authors warn of a probability of a 79% probability that could potentially cause disease. However, since scientists used computer analysis to make predictions, they suggested further research on living organisms.

Source: Sputnik News

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