Monday , January 25 2021

Huawei promises AR goggles within 1-2 years, but keeps expectations low

Huawei plans to commercialize its augmented reality glasses within a year or two, but does not expect its values ​​to be seen instantly by consumers. Huawei consumer CEO Richard Yu told CNBC: BC Initially AR; may not feel anything, Hu he said. “In the future you will see more than that.“

The Chinese firm pushed into the AR, which seems to have been inspired by Apple, which allegedly tried to publish its own AR goggles at the same time. Like Apple, which takes AR games and AR games to the iPhone & iPad, Huawei expects to bring AR experiences to users before using glasses. Some AR applications are already available on the flagship Mate 20 Pro, which runs the Android 9 Pie.

Huawei can use its hardware development expertise to compete in the AR area. The company has already published two virtual reality headsets and developed its chips, including the Kirin 980 chipset found in Mate 20 Pro and 5G modems. This chip expertise can provide a very different custom hardware solution from the AR platforms being developed by Microsoft, Qualcomm and others.

In addition, the AR glasses show a large pair of AR glasses that last year said it would demand fast data rates to run without hesitation. At this point, Huawei predicted that cloud-based computers with users will address most of the complex processing requirements of headsets, a common concept among AR hardware developers.

Therefore, companies such as Magic Leap, HTC and Qualcomm have announced plans to integrate 5G cellular chips into next-generation AR headsets, enabling cloud servers to push high-bandwidth AR data directly into users' lenses. Unfortunately, Huawei's already unstable position with more than one government in the 5G hardware could compromise the chances of shipping AR equipment in certain countries, including the United States.

Regardless, the company hopes that the AR goggles will provide a better user experience and hopes that the use of AR will go beyond the congested dimensions of a smartphone screen. . With this AR you can have your AR glasses on the phone, perhaps you can watch a wider area,. Yu told CNBC. Ultimately, whether users offer something practical enough to pay for the remains to be seen.

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