Saturday , April 17 2021

Hedi Slimane's First Celine Men's Campaign The Best PowerPoint You See

Artistic, creative and The first male clothing show of the director of photography has set a new route for the French brand.

Celine's Hedi Slimane era shifted to higher gear in Paris in October, and a runway show with two things: very unhappy and very Hedi Slimane. Anyone who saw that it was surprising couldn't have gotten a note about Slimane. It is a creative force that does not take the aesthetic part of the work of the previous designer; instead, it wraps the whole party and creates a new look and feel. After taking over the creative cycles of Stefano Pilati in Saint Laurent for four years, he made the brand's casual menswear skinny rock & # 39; s; it was the transformation of roll clothes into a home. Dior Homme wasn't there before he was hired from home in 2000 and brought his skinny black team to the men's wear crowd. Even before that, Yves Saint Laurent transformed Rive Gauche into an incubator for his thoughts on how a modern man should be dressed (sharp cuts, heavy in black).

While the first men's clothing designs from Slimane's Paris La Nuit in October do not come until the beginning of next year, it is now time to get excited about investing in potential customers. And so was the artistic, creative and cinematographer of the house (which was photographed, styled, directed, meant, probably provided food and drink). The first men's campaign to celebrate the entire sharp-shouldered splendor of a seasonal collection for the French house. . Although the elegance of the clothes is familiar with the Slimane patterns (even if the cuttings have been renovated for 2018), the presentation of this campaign is new. Rather than publishing a book or image gallery, this time the distribution method is a video slideshow set to the dance-y track made by the French synth-pop duo RUTH of the 80s. An effect is something between a slideshow and an animated PowerPoint presentation (if your office is in high-fashion business). The photos of the pictures in the collection in the collection are matched or interrupted by equally slick black-and-white shots of old TVs: Lucite desks, terrazzo blocks, keyboard, and more objects that are not related to apparel. They are so bright. Because if you have a super power Hedi Slimane, the seemingly familiar feeling of extraordinary cooling ability.

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