Thursday , May 19 2022

Hailey Baldwin changes her last name to Bieber on social media


As you say, nothing is official before you put it on Instagram. This proverb, of course, was for the marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

Late Friday night, Hailey Baldwin changed his name to Bieber on social media endorsing his marriage to Justin Bieber. Previously known as Hailey Baldwin model, now Rhode Bieber, Rhode is its middle name.

After their engagement in July 2018, their marriage report first appeared in mid-September.

For almost two months, it was unclear whether the couple actually tied the nodes when it was seen in the New York City Marriage Bureau. At that time, Baldwin declined the reports on Twitter – he has since deleted the tweets.

Now, they're all packed up.

Let's do a recording show.
haileybieber / Instagram

When people change their name and their marriage is clear.

Some people can't help but joke.

When Bieber's name changed, Bieber came on social media shortly after calling his "wife".

"My wife is wonderful," Bieber turned out to be a friendly photo.

Initially the photo was published without caption. According to the comments of Celebs, Baldwin responded to the picture before writing the photo. "It's my baby," he wrote.

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Bieber and Baldwin participated in the summer before they began dating in 2018. They also met in 2015 and 2016.

In his 2016 interview with GQ, he gave a long speech about the nature of Bieber relations. He even suggested that one day he might marry one another.

. I know I've hurt people in the past and I don't want to make them happy right now. "What if Hailey isn't the girl I'm going to marry, right?"


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