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Grinch's Benedict Cumberbatch on Pet Feast

Benedict Cumberbatch is ready for joy between green and holidays The Grinch.

The 42-year-old British actor, Marvel's Doctor Strange from Sherlock Holmes, has played many different masters. However, Cumberbatch knew that the game revisited Steinch's Theodor Seuss Geisel's (Dr Seuss) children's book and the classic Chuck Jones 1966 TV. How the Grinch stole the Christmas!

, It's joy: conscientious or not, you're excited about some of your troubles, heyecan says Cumberbatch, speaking on New York's phone. But the new version also has Grinch love. We talked with a surprisingly cheerful Cumberbatch about wearing Christmas sweaters, driving like a Grinch, and things that went wild on vacation.

Benedict Cumberbatch even admits that the Grinch justified the decision to play gifts from children

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Even Benedict Cumberbatch acknowledges that justifying the decision of the Grinch to buy gifts from children is "a very difficult sale in Christmas".

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The Grinch opens on November 29th in New Zealand.

Sensitive players would hate this call, "You're the perfect Grinchs!" How did that happen?

I have my moments. But I thought, "Christ, it's a little early to be called the Grinch, right?" One of my first questions, in all seriousness, why me? They said, "We love your voice." That's why I gave them a Grinch sound, he's quite an animal in an American dialect. "No, we want your voice," they left. Then I get it. Benedict Cumberbatch & # 39; s Grinch as a correlation between the saw. They saw Sherlock, and from the outside, somehow they could be socially weird, sometimes rude. I said, "I may not be the right guy." I had to stick to my guns: "You can't publish a movie with an English Grinch. It must be an American."

Did you argue with the fact that the British actor Boris Karloff sang the Grinch in the original TV with a British accent?

He? I didn't see the original. I liked the book, but I didn't see one of the other versions (TV special or the 2000 Jim Carrey movie). And I look forward to seeing that I'm free to influence what I do now. But in the rhyme scheme, there is something classical that rewards itself more with the American accent.

Benedict Cumberbatch, unlike the Grinch,

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Benedict Cumberbatch, unlike the Grinch, says that there is a “happy English, sarcastic, middle place Ben about Christmas.

Do people understand that the Grinch ethos are commendable in some areas, such as its stance against Christmas advertising?

It proved to be right and wrong. But when you start playing toys from children, it doesn't go that well. It's a pretty tough sale in Christmas.

Does the Grinch offer the freedom to be grumpy against holidays?

There are certain things that will crush you. During the Christmas season, I worked in a shop by repeating the vacation route. That makes you crazy. And your Christmas spirit is really, really being tested. In Whoville in Christmas I'm not so high. But I'm not Grinchy until the Grinch. I'm in a happy, mocking, middle-class place about everything.

Which holiday direction reveals your Grinch?

It definitely blew me up in Christmas with the joy of plastic, waste and short-term joy. Beyond that, I'm behind the wheel. Everyone is lost in their own world, Crumpit Mountain can feel as if it is driving and the world is bad. I can find Grinchy in the car. When I'm grinning or jet-lagged I get pretty Grinchy. That's what happens. But I don't have much to get Grinchy honestly. And I love Christmas for celebrating this movie.


About Dr Seuss' The Grinch Discover the interesting facts about this selection of Grinch Trivia.

Did you ever take the Grinch card, or did you get cranky when you recorded it?

By saying the same line 500 times, I made this by taking a lot of Grinchy to do another recording session. Enough to get you into the spirit of the Grinch. But the Soho recording studio was always a joy. A little bit of ginger with a green looking thing would have been a healthy breakfast image. I got one to get my green, go downstairs with a smile on the bottom floor and then get cracking.

Christmas is a great time for the wicked. Who's your favorite?

Hans Gruber Die Hard. It's a Christmas movie in my book.

Christmas debate! Others?

Bill Murray Scrooged. A great anti-hero rather than a bad guy. The only thing I can always watch with one of my favorite movie closing numbers, A Little Love in Your Heart. Perfect song.

The Grinch was the third adaptation of Dr. Seuss' beloved 1957 book. How the Grinch stole the Christmas.

The Grinch was the third adaptation of Dr. Seuss' beloved 1957 book. How the Grinch stole the Christmas.

Are you going to play Scrooge?

I've been offered in the past. I shouldn't mention offers. Could be. It's a very narrative story. Superlatively.

Have you ever wore a Christmas sweater?

Never. Still not on purpose. I couldn't dress myself and control my wardrobe.

So you're an anti-Christmas sweater?

I'm not an anti-Christmas sweater. Other people prefer to go around as a good target practice.

What mantras go through the holidays?

Just go (fill in the number) days. No, to be honest, I've worked on the wire for the last few holiday seasons, the only thing I look at is the gold at the end of the rainbow: family and friends behind a closed door with no other demand. The only Christmas present I could ever want these days.

The Grinch (G) It opens in New Zealand on December 7th.

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