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Morning Inbox, Super Smash Bros. He tries to guess that Ultimate pushes five DLC characters to hunt in a reader Red Dead Redemption II.

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Scene change

Of course, there is clear evidence that Nintendo will work on a new Zelda, but it's nice to get proof, especially if they're going to be announcing them for years. Even though my feelings are such a wait, as if throwing things out, I think we could hear it right now.

Since The Breath Of The Wild performs particularly well for the series, I think they will try to make sure they are working very well and take the time to make each one a special one. That's what I've already done and I think it makes sense.

As for what the next game will be, I hope it will lead to the Breath, but it will still be significantly different. The problem is the setting I think. I don't think another green-crowned fantasy will re-grow with things like Red Dead and The Witcher. I mean, Red Dead Redemption II can only be Hyrule if you keep the view, and I think the next Zelda should be different.

I've always loved the idea of ​​setting it in the future, especially because the game has already had a lot of time travel and the robot field is the best part of Skyward Sword. Of course, if they encounter some kind of new play trick like Majora's Mask, this setting is fine. No matter what they're planning, I can't wait to hear more ars eventually.

Water is a good idea

A Underboxer mentioned a turning point in the Wind Waker-style Zelda: The Breath Of The Wild. My first thought meant the style of art and maybe he did, but it made me think.

They could take the same game world from Breath Of The Wild and transfer the map – Super Mario is near the end of Sunshine. Mountain hills would become archipelago, and perhaps even have a dive to search for treasure in deep-sea caves.

I don't even know if this is technically possible, but if it were possible, it could have made a very different game in a much shorter time frame.

Fighting him

During the last few days I have come across many criticisms of the Red Dead Redemption II, but I think that people have fallen very low in the game, although I can understand some of them, especially around the action. He reminds us of all the complaints about The Witcher 3's battle, which had a point, but didn't stop it from seeing many people as a generation game.

Red Dead becomes even more important in Redemption II because warfare is often less frequent and important than Witcher. Sure, a lot of mission ends with it, but unless it's just me, I can go for hours without going into an armed war, and when it's the most fun.

The stealing of the Red Dead is like being transported to another world or at least time, and it's a great way to relax and explore all day long outside my day. Also, I think the story turns into something really interesting, if it's going in the direction I think, it's much better than GTA V's very vague events. For me, the game of the year and a long swamp.

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Free demo

Probably an interesting question: Do you think we can see when Deltarune arrives at the consulate? I did not download it because I have a small laptop with a lot of free memory, so it would be more ideal for me on a console.

Is there any value that makes Toby Fox do this? It doesn't demand anything for the first version (which is also very good) and wouldn't Sony have to pay a commission or something to the various online stores run by Microsoft and Nintendo?

In this case, I need to start getting paid for it – and I don't think the companies in question would like to play completely free in their market places. Yes, Fox said it was a demo and a teaser for something more important – but would this fly with the big three?

And I don't think you want to get a loss and that it mainly involves supporting your presence on your consoles. I do not think people should be pleasing to change anytime soon – no doubt, it certainly does not feel comfortable.

GC: It can probably be added to Undertale as a kind of free DLC with relatively little effort. But we get the feeling it won't.

Advance warning

Looks like Sakurai, DLC characters Super Smash Bros. He said that they would select all players for Ultimate and Nintendo. I guess that doesn't mean any fan polls or anything else, but that means they're all Nintendo characters or that Nintendo is out and they make deals with third parties.

To predict who will be, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 from Rex, ARMS from Twintelle, Dillon's Rolling Western from Dillon and tahmin Banjo and Kazooie. My rumor or I still think it's a good chance. Either that or Minecraft.

Rex and Twintelle are almost guaranteed, but others depend on whether they're trying to put in new characters from games we haven't seen yet, such as the new Fire Emblem or Metroid. The only reason one of Rex and ARMS didn't come before, was that they were not aware of the games when they started, but they said they would get more preliminary warnings for the DLC. Especially looks quite distant.
Onibe to

Slow to copy

I didn't convince the actor that the Battlegrounds wouldn't be the mainstream, but after a year from Fortnite, it amazes me: Battle Royale launched the single big name contest Call Of Duty. Next year we have Battlefield V & # 39; s. I don't complain because it would be terrible to have a flood of them, but the oddly slow reaction by the rest of the gaming industry.

I could tell if there was something in the open world games or something that was really difficult, but if you have a shooter, all you need is a giant map and you're away. Perhaps the rumors of those who have a Battle Royale about Red Dead Online are true, or perhaps the publishers are just a fad going through. I want to think they're honest and they don't just want to jump into the group wagon, but let's face it lük that's not why.

Historical curiosity

I wonder if the success of the Red Dead Redemption II and, to a lesser extent, the Assassin's Creed Origins / Odyssey will inspire more historical play. I was always surprised that Assassin's Creed didn't form a clone at all. However, I think publishers can easily copy only one thing.

We still do not have a definite play in Ancient Rome and I believe that Odyssey will not find Ubisoft for a long time. Japan and India still seem very clear and there is much to do in Africa, beyond just Egypt. It is very easy not to be sure how an Aussie will work when considering a limited time frame in South America. The greatest pyramids ever!

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Bulk frustration

I've had enough of Red Dead Dead Kill II. I have tried so hard to love him, and I am not going to end up in the depths of my knee with the utmost inexperience. This is rubbing a cheese grater in my tolerance levels, but it can be summarized by the fact that I play the last game. Before the Red Dead Redemption II Astro Bot. A game that we will be on the list of one of the most fun, fun, attractive and innovative games I've played for years. Never once did it bother me. He never bothered me, and I wasn't deceived by bad game mechanics. She's made me happy.

Red Dead, however, provoked almost continuous rents, including too many abusive words. This is IV. I accepted it until the end of the chapter and I get another mission, a story or a side mission. I feel cheated with bad game mechanics, squeezing me, and micro-management is washing my mind (if it has to eat constantly, why doesn't he have to escape from a bush to leave a bush drop?).

I'm not anti-Rockstar, and I've seen a beautiful world where I've occasionally found somewhere in between my problems with the game, but if I have a book in my hand, I read the early reading about collectivism. Lenin's management in Russia, while silencing the television, is described as & # 39; X & # 39; and I ended the interaction to join another firearm fight by allowing the cinematic camera to take me to another yellow spot on the map. To be on my hard drive will be "Absolutely Verboten". I'm sorry, Rockstar.
Lord Mont du Baton
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All this hunting in the games should stop now, going far away. Leave the animals alone. This is disgusting and shocking and I will not buy or play any game that it contains from now on. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

GC: We are sympathetic, but a Wild West environment has more contextual meaning than many other games. In addition, you can buy all your food and clothing from the shops.

Am I the only one who's a little disappointed by the soundtrack from Red Dead Redemption II? I can see how Rockstar is about 100 musicians, but I've never noticed any of the tracks that leave no impression on me. As I did with the first one, I definitely don't remember anyone. Maybe it could have been less less?

Hot Topic this week

The topic of Inbox this weekend was suggested by the rotting of reader gas and what do you want from the next generation of consoles?

It seems increasingly inevitable that PlayStation 5 & Xbox One & # 39; s successor will be announced at least next year, so what do you expect? How much development and expectations do you have from the graphics? Should the motion controls be or will be considered a new standard, such as VR or flow?

What kind of games would you like to see on the new consoles and what new features would you expect to add? What do you think a new console should have for you to think about it and whether the next generation is too early or is it true?

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