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Free state hospital to overcome difficulties after shocking infant mortality rate report


World Prematurite Day has been a celebration day celebrated in the Tertiary Hospital of Pelonomi in recent years. This year the institution had more reasons to celebrate after overcoming difficulties, including strikes in the maternity ward in July.

Celebrated in Day 17pearl It aims to raise awareness on the risk factors for premature risk, as well as the difficult path for parents and families to walk after the birth of infants of November and early age. On this occasion, the provincial health directorate, the newborn baby and their mother took her to a photo session as a souvenir of the very special bond between mother and child.

Services of health workers

Mondi Mvambi, a spokesman for the Free State Ministry of Health, said the institution had the opportunity to win the power and courage of newborn babies and their mothers every year. In addition, the hospital aims to create awareness on premature society.


& Approximately 66 preterm babies are serviced every month in the neonatal care unit at the Tertiary Hospital in Pelonomi. Occasionally the medical team requires the services of allied health professionals, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, dietetics, speech therapy and audiology. Zaman

Earlier this year, Health-e News reported that the infant mortality rate at Bloemfontein hospital was almost three times higher than the national average, and many of these deaths could be prevented.

DA politician Mariette Pittaway, the hospital's birth service in July, serious staff difficulties, lack of equipment and access to theaters fell into trouble, he said.


Mvambi told OurHealth that the situation in the hospital has changed since then: edi Our maternal ward is doing a very good job to save the lives of mothers and babies who have no other choice, M Mvambi said.

Mvambi added that the psychosocial services provided by the social work department are particularly valuable and that a holistic, multidisciplinary approach provides the best results in the care of preterm infants.

A festive occasion

Ler When the baby is medically stable, the mother and the Kangaroo are transferred to the Mother Care Unit. During the stay in the Kangaroo Mother Care Unit, the baby and the mother are intended to be in constant skin-to-skin contact during the day and night. "

In practice, it is known to promote attachment, attachment, enhanced breastfeeding and weight gain. Mvambi explained that after reaching the baby's 1700 grams, the medical team can be discharged on condition that they are satisfied with the baby's condition. A healthcare team then monitors the baby's growth and development after discharge.


Mvambi said that World Premature Day is a festive event at the hospital with mothers and babies always returning to the celebration. The guest speaker is always organized to take mothers, staff and mothers who are visiting the members of the event participating in the event.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), premature childbirth is a serious health problem and is the cause of death of children under five years worldwide. WHO says that very premature babies may have more health problems than babies born on time and may experience long-term health problems that affect the brain, lung, hearing, or vision.

Prematurity is defined as the birth of a newborn with a gestational age below 37 weeks. Some factors such as obesity, smoking, alcohol and drug use, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy of twins, triplets or any multiples, problems with the uterus of the mother, cervix or placenta, and unfortunately limited increase the risk of premature birth as well. access to prenatal care. Preterm infants have a high risk of health complications such as hearing and / or vision problems, delays or disturbances in the development of good and gross motor skills, speech and language, and social-emotional interaction. – Health-News.

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