Thursday , August 11 2022

Court Orders Only Mental Exam for Women Who Dont Stop Talking on Pier


A woman from Bulawayo was ordered to attend a mental examination after she could not stop speaking in court.

Faith Morrison pulled him back to continue the trial on 14 November, before the tribunal's judge, Mrs. Nyaradzo Ringisai, the tribunal tribunal.

The allegations were that in June, Morrison reported that he had sold a trailer with R40 000 to Mr. Elliot Muzarope.

Mr. Muzarope continued to see the caravan and agreed on a payment plan. They agreed to take it after paying the last installment.

The court heard that Mr. Muzarope will be paid in 19,000 Rands and the remaining in two installments.

However, Morrison, who was expected to deliver the trailer after paying the entire trailer, violated his agreements.

When Muzarope asked Morrison why he didn't hand over the trailer, Morrison told him the price had changed to 80,000 high.

Mr. Muzarope requested a refund but Morrison did not comply with the police that led to his arrest.

The magistrate asked whether he wanted to speak to a lawyer to represent him and how he had behaved at the fraud he was facing.

Suz Lawyers are corrupt; I do not need. I don't accept the blame, I actually rejected my statement, I didn't say anything, et Morrison said.

I I think you're a soft judge, it's time for the State to take action. I have been in court and in court, but I have not been presented to State newspapers. I have only handwritten writings. "

The magistrate reminded him that he was in a court of law, but Morrison began to raise his voice as a reminder of his rights and said the court had not followed the correct procedure.

The magistrate ordered him to undergo a mental examination before continuing his trial.

Thobelani represented the Nyathi Province.

State media

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