Friday , August 19 2022

Chinhoyi Pharmacy Closed to Sell Expired Drugs, Demand US Dollars


The Medical Supervisory Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ), Angel Pharmacy in Checheche Business Center in Chipinge, has over 25 medicines, expired, indifferent or underage and without pharmacists. closed for selling type.

Some of the informal medications include creamy eye drops, paracetamol Fresenius 10mg / ml, both time-out and unregistered; Atenonol 100 mg-an anti-hypertensive drug, as well as unresolved ineffective typhoid fever vaccines.

According to the report prepared by an inspector from MCAZ; Revealed by Emmanuel Makotore and NewsDay; After receiving a clue from a member of the public, an investigation investigation was carried out on 21 October 2018.

A part of the report dated 7 November 2018 was read; Dam On the days of the examination, the inspectors were secretly ill and demanded creamy eye drops. Rumbidzayi Chidzimba, who calls himself a bir pharmacist Ch, offered a $ 8 bid for pyrimon eye drops.

In The inspectors they paid and then Chidzimba asked the other dispensary assistant to take the medicine out. The other dispensary assistant moved towards a white sedan that was parked outside the pharmacy and collected the salute from the vehicle.

Z He gave Chidzimba the details of the inspectors to the distribution materials. The officer was given rice without a distribution label. Upon request to the label, the inspector was told that the pharmacy had not put a label on such a medicine.

Ilar At this point, the officers introduced themselves and took the drug out of the trunk of the car. The officers then demanded to see the pharmacist who was said to have been absent. He wasn't at work all day. "

In the report, 16 kinds of unregistered and expired drugs in the trunk of the car were listed and confiscated. He also stated that 85 tablets were found in an unlabelled pill bag, but they could not be identified.

A further investigation of the pharmacy revealed that the refrigerator in the dispenser was not working properly and the thermometer indicating temperature reading at 26 degrees Celsius.

The drugs, which were never used before, were quarantined in facilities in the refrigerator even though they were not working. Pharmacy staff could not produce invoices to take into account drug purchases.

The pharmacy was immediately instructed to await the approval of appropriate oversight, and the supervisor was asked to comment on the observation within seven days and to give the invoices and names of the suppliers of the seized drugs.

The supervisor was instructed to quarantine the drugs in the refrigerator until they were checked.

Meanwhile, for a number of years, lack of essential drugs in the country did not lead to cheap, unregistered drugs that could not find people's lives in pharmacies.

However, Angeline Mahwire, the owner of a pharmacist, who was also a pharmacist, never refused to sell unregistered drugs without a comment, but later said that the whole incident was explained by her ex-boyfriend who was about to destroy it.

Mahwire, the Tshovani Pharmacy in Chiredzi, owns four pharmacies in the Checheche Business Center, including the Angel Pharmacy, Nkayi and Chipinge pharmacies.

"No such thing. We do not sell drugs that are not registered in our pharmacies. Brother, I know that my ex-boyfriend is behind everything. I had an affair with this man, who had been a co-worker for more than seven years, but it ended badly. Now, he's there to destroy me, yok Mahwire said.

MCAZ is the national pharmaceutical and health products regulatory authority in Zimbabwe. It was first established in 1969 as a Drug Control Council. In 1997, the Parliament became the successor to the Drug Control Council (Article 15.03) and the Drug Control Council and the Zimbabwe Regional Drug Control Laboratory.

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