Tuesday , May 17 2022

Bulawayo Heads Taxis for Suburban Trains


Residents moved from suburban trains to suburban trains, because the privately owned combi boiler continues to demand exorbitant wages due to the increase in the cost of living.

This seems to have been a re-enacted City-Cowdray Park commuter train with at least 5,000 passengers on the first five days of its operation.

Zimbabwe National Railways (NRZ) reintroduced the commuter train in response to the public's appeal, as well as walking tickets for the public, up to a maximum of $ 2.

The spokesman for the NRZ, Nyasha Maravanyika, said that since the suburban train was re-introduced, the railway giant NRZ has filled the demands of providing similar services in other cities as well as the services of intercity passenger trains.

"We are pleased to note that the traveling people have reacted positively to the redefinition of commuter trains in Bulawayo," Maravanyika said.

”The commuter train commenced operations on Monday, Friday, November 5, 2018 with two services, Monday to Friday, morning and evening.“

Railway presence is charging 0, $ 50 for a single trip.

NRZ said the first morning was running on 5 November, about 309 passengers took the train ride on the night of 350 '' went up.

Maravanyika said: saatler Tuesday Tuesday, 532 and 537 on Tuesday.

I On Wednesday morning, 743 passengers were on board with the highest bearer of the week. In the evening, the commuter train carried 486 passengers. On Thursday morning, 618 passengers were scheduled for the morning and 489 people were in the evening service. On Friday, 607 passengers took the morning train to 334 on the evening train. The train also managed to make departures and arrivals at the right time, so it remained faithful to the planned times. "

On the commuter train, each coach has seven coaches with a capacity of 100 passengers.

5005 passengers took the train in the first week, and the capacity utilization rate for the first five days was 71 percent.

Memnun The NRZ is satisfied and satisfied with how it has provided the service to serve the route in an appropriate way for incentive commuter trainers,. Maravanyika said.

Ler In addition, they have recorded the demands from passengers working on industrial sites who want to leave the train station earlier than Cowdray Park, so they have enough time to walk to their workplaces.

”However, as we approach the departure times, it should be kept in mind that the NRZ is trying to balance the business hours of starters starting with 0800 Hours per hour according to the time of the start of the business. Göre

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