Thursday , July 29 2021

Bulawayo City faces the Water Crisis Like Running Treatment Chemicals Tedavi Pindula News

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City of Bulawayo has run out of water treatment chemicals. The city may be forced to stop the water treatment process when the treatment chemicals are exhausted. While the local authority is said to have left a supply of ammonia for only a month, it is reported that poly-electrolyte stocks have also decreased. The town of BCC, Christopher Dube, downplayed the crisis, as he told the Southern Pope he was approaching the exchange rate to obtain the necessary chemicals from the Zimbabwean Reserve Bank. Dube said that

I'm sure there will be a solution soon. The RBZ and the government did not disappoint us when water treatment chemicals were supplied.

Bulawayo's water supply is also threatened by decreasing water levels in some supply dams such as Uzingwane, Upper and Lower Ncema.

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Zimbabwe Reserve Bank (RBZ) is the central bank of Zimbabwe. Their offices are located on Samora Machel Street, number 80, in Harare. The Zimbabwe Reserve Bank operates under the Act of Zimbabwe, Bank of Zermabwe, 22: 15.

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