Tuesday , May 17 2022

August 1 murders: The state is trying to discredit the doctor's report


The Zimbabwe Human Rights Doctors Association (ZADHR) would like to warn the public, the Mothlante leader commission and all Zimbabweans about its zealous efforts by the state media to dismiss the report on the post-election violence by the ZADHR.

The ZADHR has a state-of-the-art journalist who has been questioning the funding sources for the ZADHR and the question of whether ZADHR is a political party.

ZADHR board to avoid doubts and set record

1. ZADHR is not partisan, the constitution bars holding any political authority.

2. ZADHR is a membership-based organization funded by members of its main activities. ZADHR also has strategic partnerships with development partners who finance government health programs.

3. The ZADHR report on victims of political violence is factual and is supported by electronic medical records and case statements approved by forensic experts. Because ZADHR is willing to share more detailed evidence if it is challenged, attempts to discredit it will be in vain.

4. The ZADHR recommends that reporter Ms. Paidamoyo give a free application to Chipunza to make an official appointment with our office if ZADHR wants to provide information about its activities.

As a result, ZADHR will deny the right to dismiss fear, prejudice, and more effort, as it aims to promote the right to health in Zimbabwe.

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