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Apple says the iPhone XR has been on sale


The iPhone XR marks the first time Apple has introduced a product.


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Greg Joswiak, vice president of product marketing, said CNET in an interview Wednesday.

Apple showed off in three new iPhones in mid-September and started selling the $ 999 iPhone XS and $ 1,099 iPhone XS Max on Sept. 21. It did not start selling the $ 749 iPhone XR until a month later, on Oct. 26.

Joswiak on Wednesday also noted that Apple's will be taking a big push for World AIDS Day, taking place on Saturday. Apple store, or Apple Store app from Dec. 1 to Dec. Apple Store logos.

The news comes. I'm going to be happy with the apple. Apple said it didn't sell as many iPhones as analysts expected in the quarter that ended Sept. 29, and it is projected for the December quarter. The Apple also said it would be no longer needed to be able to use the iPhone and other major devices.

Then last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has cut production orders.

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Unboxing the red iPhone XR


The iPhone Apple's quarterly results have been added to the iPhone XR sales.

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Apple's stock has tumbled about 20 percent since its quarterly earnings. The decline has meant that Apple's no longer worth more than a trillion dollars. It's also given the world's biggest publicly traded company.

President Donald Trump said he may place tariffs on iPhones and laptop computers imported from China. Facebook Comments Plugin Joswiak declined to comment.

Apple shares rose 2.9% on Wednesday to $ 179.32.

World AIDS Day

The first World AIDS Day. The event stemmed from the 1988 World Summit of Ministers of Prevention. United Kingdom, United States.

Apple has been a major supporter of HIV / AIDS. It has created a new generation of smartphones that have been designed for over $ 200 million from the sale of its products. Red products, Joswiak said Wednesday. Decoded by Joswiak.

"It's not a good idea to bring money."

A year ago, Apple said it helped raise $ 160 million in lifesaving medicines. The money is redundant from Apple and others – over $ 500 million since its inception – a nonprofit organization that offers prevention, testing, treatment and counseling in all countries.

Last year, Apple also Apple Apple Apple Apple, and it was a special "Today" tab in its App Store that featured stories about HIV / AIDs. Candy Crush, King of the World, Candy Crush Apple isn't doing any special red promotions in the App Store this year, Joswiak said.

Apple at the Apple of Apple, 125 Apple Stores, Apple will have a decal at another 400 stores, he said.

The company typically launches. including for the iPhone 7. It never created a new model of the iPhone.

At It's the first time an iPhone launches at Red, time said Joswiak said. "This is an incredibly important partnership for us."

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The iPhone XR "is literally the most popular in the iPhone we're making available" for Product Red, he said.

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