Wednesday , April 14 2021

Accusation of sexual violence after police

The Kenyan National Human Rights Commission, funded by the government, said on Wednesday that the Kenyan police are accused of committing most of the reported sexual violence in relation to the election results of last year's protests.

A new report from the Commission focuses on gang rape and other abuses in the clash between the announcement of the results of the presidential election on 11 August. The Supreme Court, on October 26, gave a new voting order. President Uhuru Kenyatta boycotted the vote. The opposition rejected it for the first time, citing "irregularities and illegals".

Victims of sexual violence stated that the perpetrators included ordinary citizens, criminals and members of the security forces, and stated that 54 percent of the 201 events recorded in the report.

Ilabilir From the findings of KNCHR, we can conclude that sexual violence is used as a weapon for election-related conflict, Rapor the report said.

Kenya's national police said that the report "completely rejected" the "sensational, ruthless" allegations, and was sexually assaulted by an officer to report to the civilian oversight body for investigation.

The report states that sexual violence is used as iktidar punishment er in some areas, particularly in Nyanza and Nairobi, which are targeted by both opposition and ruling party neighborhoods. Most of the victims were women from low-income neighborhoods with the youngest victim 7 and the oldest 68.

The report stated that sexual violence was in the form of rape and gang rape and in some cases parents were sexually assaulted in front of their children.

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