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41 initiatives from all over Africa are going to Lisbon next week.

Starting next Monday, according to the Financial Times, the world's largest technology conference will begin in Lisbon. This year's event attracted more than ever from the African continent. From the best speakers to the entrepreneurs established to compete among the most sought-after companies in the world, here's what they're going to do:

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Best speakers and speeches
Here are some of the outstanding speakers from all over the continent, along with information on other panellists who have participated in their conversation areas, stages, topics and discussions.

Tunde Kehinde – Co-Founder, Lydia: Borrowing the Bank branch: bringing payments to the masses
The concept of bankless people is widely used, especially in emerging markets. But is it examining the cracks of a deeper problem? This session will go beyond how to best provide financial services to people in developing economies and beyond just banking.

Fouzia Adjailia – Department of Robotics, Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, University of Kosice: Our future does not have to be a boring dystopia
Sometimes if you feel that we're going through a very boring dystopia, you're not alone. In this panel, we will discuss what the future looks like without misery.

Siyabulela Mandela – Lecturer, Nelson Mandela University: Long walk to peace
The path of peace for any society after a period of conflict is fraught with danger. The majority of civil conflicts stepped back in ten years. Shortening the path from conflict to peace is what this panel – including Nelson Mandela's granddaughter – will discover.

Starts by numbers
This year, the Web Summit will host 41 entrepreneurs from 13 countries in Africa. The five most represented countries; Egypt (14), Angola (5), Nigeria (5), Rwanda (3), Kenya (3) and Tunisia (3). Fintech enterprises are the highest representative of Africam enterprises, followed by e-Commerce and Retail and Enterprise Software Solutions.

Growth Summit
The Growth Summit brings together the founders and leaders of the world's fastest growing companies. Here is a selection of tomorrow's African companies that will define technology in the near future:

Olaedo Osoka – Chief Executive Officer, Daystar Power
Expensive and unreliable power is a heavy burden for businesses in Africa that hinders their growth and development. Within two years, Daystar Power built an ecosystem to power more than 100 locations in West Africa. Chief Executive Officer Olaedo, the company's founder, will draw the trajectory of Daystar Power's growth in bridging Africa's power gap with clean and reliable power.

Tosin Eniolorunda – Founder, TeamApt
The founder of financial technology company TeamApt discusses expansion plans from Nigeria.

Olugbenga Agboola – Co-Founder, Flutterwave Inc
Olugbenga, co-founder of Flutterave, outlines how and why he does the payment service.

FIELD competition
FIELD The inaugural competition at the Web Summit, bringing together the world's leading early stage initiatives for a live on-stage battle.

Of the nearly 900 applicants, 135 were shortlisted to compete for the winning title. An attempt from the selected, Angola, entered the competition:

Appy bridges people and health care. Users can make appointments, order medicines and subscribe to health insurance.

Starting Showcase
Startup Showcase is a brand new stage at the 2019 Web Summit. Expect quick ignition presentations with beginners showing solutions to the biggest problems in their field.

Seven initiatives from around Africa will take place this year. Here is a selection of beginnings:

Bonako Games – Green Nose
Bonako Games Arena is the future of African digital games. We're changing the rules of the video games market. Let's make history together!

Farmers in Ghana
End-to-end digital farming platform that makes it easy for industries to have food raw materials and any farm.

Botme – Egypt
Botme is a chat creation platform that helps businesses turn conversations into sales.

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About Web Summit:
Inch. “Web Summit is the world's largest technology conference de. Forbes said the Web Summit was en the best technology conference on the planet.. Bloomberg says Dav Davos for enthusiasts ”, Politico“ tech olympics ”and the Guardian G Glastonbury for enthusiasts”.

Regardless of the Web Summit (, it could not have been possible without an incredible team of about 200 employees based in Dublin, Lisbon, Toronto and Hong Kong; including world-class engineers, data scientists, designers, manufacturers, marketers, salespeople and more. By building incredible software and designing mind-boggling events, they broke an old industry – revolutionizing how people and ideas came together to change the world.

As one of the world's largest entrepreneurs, investors, multinational corporations and thought leaders meetings – more than 120,000 people from more than 170 countries have participated in the Web Summit in Lisbon, in the Collision in Toronto and RISE In Hong Kong.

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