Tuesday , January 19 2021

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Harare's residence was warned by two women to watch their backs after they were brutally murdered by unidentified persons.

A woman named Samantha was killed yesterday in Harare's house, and another woman, identified as Prudence Gold Madzadzavara, was brutally murdered when she arrived from a meeting in Eastlea last week.

Thrie killers could not be found.

Social media use that writes about Prudence's last moments describes a sad scene:

Ihtiyacı Prudence Mudzadzavara needs justice. He said he was screaming and being thrown out of a moving car. It was a JUSTICE that Prudence Gold SHE NEED IS JUSTICE. Sir, you were the person you were working on to prepare Zim and to make Zim even better. He needs justice. "

Commissioner Charity Charamba issued a statement on the subject.

Uz The ZRP is investigating sad murder cases and appealing for any information that might help us. We also call on women to avoid walking in secluded places. If there are locked doors at home Evde.

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago killed a Harare man and the corpse of the corpses who left Kariba Lake for the hunters are hunting.

Prudence Gold Madzadzavara

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