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YouTube ads bombed users

He opens the YouTube video to listen to meditation music, but after a few minutes of meditation, the large volume promotional video started to freak Hung out, he had to shut it down.

Quoc Hung (Hanoi) said he used YouTube for at least a few hours a day. “Whether listening to music, watching vlogs, watching movies or sports, I always choose this social network, so I’m seeing more and more annoying ads on YouTube,” Hung said.

Previously, video ads were only small strips or mid-roll video ads that appear in certain locations and did not affect the audience. Recently, ads appear anywhere on YouTube, especially on long videos. “There are videos of less than 10 minutes with 3 to 4 ads added,” Hung said.

In addition to the “sudden” appearance, the ad is repeated many times and annoys the viewers, even if they have too long content or inappropriate products.

Many ads appear between videos on YouTube, disturbing many people.

Many ads appear between videos on YouTube, disturbing many people.

Not only are Vietnamese users noticing that YouTube runs widespread ads, in the last 3 months this has been reflected by users all over the world.

Hari says, “changes in the platform will notice is how long I’ve been watching YouTube. Many outside your advertising formats in a positive way.” This is August this year.

At first, YouTube ads were just a few small banners, according to Hari. Over time, these banners increase in both size and impression. Then platforms ads often adds about an hour each time in the middle of the video, but allows users to jump. After a while, the ads came out every 10 minutes and he had to watch them all. “YouTube is getting more and more annoying by increasing the number of ads per video. There are ads every 10 minutes and sometimes two ads appear at the same time,” Hari wrote, also arguing that this is a behavior. torture “and” harass “the user.

Hari’s article received thousands of “boosts” from users all over the world. Many people said “it’s hard to see any video with less than 2 ads on YouTube now.”

“I understand that Google needs revenue and that is why its advertising mechanisms have changed so much in the last few months. However, with so many interruptions, I rarely watch a single video lately.” Members with an account Open source fan Write on Reddit.

Users’ response to the frequency of YouTube ads appearing in many app markets in Vietnam. The two major platforms – CH App Store and Play the bottom of the YouTube app continuously 1 * score Vietnamese users. The main reason is “too many ads”, repeat advertising, or “ads longer than a video”.

The YouTube app in the App Store received a number of 1 * comments from Vietnamese users due to a lot of advertising.

1 * comment thread from Vietnamese users for the YouTube app in the App Store.

YouTube employees of the Vietnamese community in which manager Khiem Vu, considering that most of the ads on YouTube, caused by many reasons. First, due to an increase in Smart TV YouTube viewers, but only one video ad format is placed in the center of the TV. By doing this, YouTube will get the maximum amount of revenue. Channel owners are also currently focusing on revenue, so they entrust the placement of ads to this platform.

YouTube currently offers its partners 5 main types of ad placement, including banner ads, skippable video ads, and non-video ads, three of which appear directly in the video. ignore. pieces of content with video advertising format, per channel selected by the owner may end, or any intermediate position or placed by Google’s automated algorithm. According to Google this algorithm, so as not to affect the viewer experience can estimate the ad placement, but still can bring the biggest revenue for the channel owner. However, the fact that the algorithm does not work as described and rules without ads being added, causing a continuous increase in complaints and discomfort.

Over time, YouTube has taken some steps to show that they want more ads to appear. In July, the platform changed its rules and allowed 8-minute videos to be advertised in the middle of the content, without having to reach a minimum length of 10 minutes as before. Page SocialMediaToday It was later discovered that YouTube automatically placed an ad in the middle of all 8-minute videos, regardless of whether the channel owner agreed or not.

YouTube on November 19, including placing ads to monetize have not yet enabled channel continued to add a number of terms. In other words, channels that don’t have enough watch hours or sub-views to turn on monetization will still be shown ads, but the channel owner will not get a share.

Faced with this situation, local users have to find many options, such as using ad-blocking browsers or buying pirated YouTube Premium packages for 25,000 VND per month.

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