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XSMB 3/4 – Northern Lottery results today Saturday 3/4/2021 – SXMB 3/4

XSMB 3/4. Newspaper TGVN The Northern Lottery will live its results today, Saturday, April 3, 2021, the fastest, most accurate and review of previous lottery results is extremely simple and easy here.

The Northern Lottery is drawn directly every Saturday at 18:15 and is issued by the Nam Dinh Lottery Company (XSNI).

The Northern Lottery was drawn straight from the eighth prize to the first at 18:15 and finally announced the special prize.

Lottery results Nam Dinh – Lottery 3/4/2021 – 7th Lottery

The Nam Dinh lottery results (XSNI) of April 3, 2021 are updated directly from the Hanoi Capital Lottery Lottery Committee.

Watch North Lottery live results 3/4/2021 – XSMB 3/4 – 7th KQXSMB – SXMB 3/4 – XSMB today

Live updates of the draw results will be shown 30 minutes before the draw. If the updated dashboard readers don’t show back to the Social category, select Sweepstakes to watch live. Thank you!

Check out North Lottery’s results

– April 2

XSMB 3/4 - Lottery results for North today Saturday 4/3/2021 - SXMB 3/4 - today lottery

Updating the table number

1 April

XSMB 3/4 - Lottery results for North today Saturday 4/3/2021 - SXMB 3/4 - today lottery

Northern Lottery Prediction – Today 4/4 Sunday XSMB

Locking in beautiful numbers, predicting the Northern Lottery tomorrow, Sunday, April 4, 2021:

Special reward queue: 75

Beautiful 2-step highway bridge today: 06 – 45 – 62

Lotto 2, 3 oblique: 38 – 62 – 53

Binary lot: 33 – 55 – 77


1. Preparing for prize draws includes the following tasks:

a) Randomize the participants to draw their prize numbers;

b) Randomly select the sets of balls used to draw the prize numbers; opening sets of balls used to draw prize numbers;

c) Open the seal of the prize opening flip cage;

d) Scrambling the winning lottery tickets just before drawing the prize draw;

dd) Check other necessary conditions for the prize draw.

2. Making prize draw numbers involves the following tasks:

a) Trial draw: make a trial round of all cages and balls used to draw the prize. In case of abnormal detection, the reason must be clearly identified in order to take use measures, such as changing the ball cage, changing the ball, or suspending the prize draw;

b) Official prize draw: The official prize draw is held according to the order of each prize announced in the prize draw rule.

3. Confirmation of the award opening result:

The results of the lottery draw must be recorded in writing and approved by the Lottery Audit Council for objectivity, honesty and compliance with the prescribed prize drawing process.

4. The entire lottery drawing process must be overseen by the Lottery Supervisory Board.


Readers can contact the lottery company issuing lottery tickets directly as follows:

Nam Dinh Lottery One Member LLC

Address: 157 Tran Hung Dao, Nam Dinh City

Telephone: 228.3849241. FAX: 228.3844377

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