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Wu Ziyun married a boyfriend at the age of 19


Monday, November 26, 2012 4:30 PM (GMT + 7)

After a disagreement with her biological mother, Wu said that she married her mistress, who is nine years old.

Jackie Chan and Ngo n Loi's daughter this morning and her girlfriend Andy, who is 12 years old, is getting married. On 8/11/2018 she showed her personal profile with the question of "kissing lips" next to a registered marriage certificate in Canada.

Accompanied by this line, you cannot be more salty and sincere: "Finally, our love was accepted by the law … We protected our happiness, we overcome fear, we accepted each other's flaws. It always hurts us to hurt us …"

Jackie Chan & # 39; s exclusive wife marries 19 year old lesbian lover

Wu also shared "Love is weak and powerful, love changes everything and wins everything. "

The wife of the "Little Lady" is a Canadian girl named Andy Wu Traclin named Andy. Last year they met Valentine. Andy and his girlfriend soon rushed to Canada and were officially in the same house in November of that year.

Jackie Chan & # 39; s exclusive wife marries lesbian lover at age 19 - 2.

Wu Zhou with Andy's girlfriend.

Hong Kong press reports that Wu Zohong and his girlfriend Andy returned to Hong Kong for unfavorable business and owed rents in Canada for two months. This time, she and her girlfriend went back quietly to Hong Kong for the help of her mother, Wu Bu Loi.

But they were all rejected by Wu Ziyun. As soon as she arrived at the airport, Chan's daughter asked a reporter if she would like to register for marriage in Hong Kong, she openly said: "They all have a surprise!"

Jackie Chan's special wife marries someone of the same sex at the age of 19-3.

The relationship is never normal between mother and child.

It is known that the family of the Ngo family changed their family's surname silently into the Tran family, hoping to be recognized by the famous father of Wu Ziyun (the name Tran Cang Sinh was born in, Jackie Chan). This forced the clash between Wu Zonglin's daughters when the relationship between them was not as intimate as other mothers and fathers.

Jackie Chan & # 39; s exclusive wife marries 19 year old lesbian lover

Always wanted to get to know his famous father.

After the Marriage report is published, everyone hopes that Wu Ziyun will be happy, want to understand the story and be less turbulent, because after the experience, everyone saw the mother alone. Wu ac How pathetic he is so pathetic.

Jackie Chan got married to her gay partner at 19-6.

Jackie Chan's private wife marries her same sex partner 19-7

Jackie Chan & # 39; s exclusive wife marries 19 year old lesbian lover

Some pictures of couple.

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