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Woman go swimming with her son, drowned under the swimming pool in Saigon


Binh Chanh County (HCM City) Public Security Department Head 11 November in Hoa Binh swimming pool (Binh Hung commune) said that a suffocating swimmer drowned.

The first information was on the morning of 4/11, Diep N.M. (37 years, Zone 8) to learn to swim as usual with his son Hung Hung Street (Binh Chanh District, HCMC) Hoa Binh swimming pool.

Here, while her son (from 6 years old) learns to swim in a children's pool, Ms. M. learns to swim in an adult lake about 2 meters deep.

There are also other practitioners and instructors who teach swimming in the pool. However, when the instructor is only in the children's swimming pool, there is no instructor in the swimming pool of Ms. M, she should practice swimming alone.

HCMC: Go swimming with my son, mother suffocates under the lake in a sad way - Photo 1.

Hoa Binh Pool where the incident occurred.

After a swim for a while, Mrs M. drowned and sank for a long time, but no one knew.

Then a 10-year-old boy was learning to swim near M. M., training for a long time, but not for the coach to rescue. At this time, a swimmer instructor jumped to quickly rescue him to the shore and then breathe.

The first aid lasted about 5 minutes, the victim was the car pool of the 8th Regional Hospital for the emergency department, but he had died earlier.

HCMC: Mother drowning with her school son, sadly drowning under the lake - Photo 2.

The inner corner of the Hoa Binh pool where Ms. M. died while she was learning to swim.

After receiving the news, Binh Chanh district officials started working with family and pool to investigate the incident.

According to her family, Ms. M. enrolled to swim on Saturdays and Sundays every week since September 8th. Before the incident, Ms. M. told her parents to swim, to get slim, not to graduate. During her practice of swimming on November 4th, Ms. M. was unaware of the drowning.

The case is still being investigated by the police in the area of ​​Binh Chanh.

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