Thursday , September 29 2022

Will Trong Hoang kick the right defender?


Trong Hoang and Van Duc are coached by Park Hang Seo to play for Vu Van Thanh on the right wing. Trong Hoang will be part of the start-up series against Laos hosts this evening.

In fact, Trong Hoang is a midfielder and has the right edge. Therefore, returning to the defensive position will leave many questions. However, coach Hang Seo Park may have the option to help Trong Hoang maximize their qualifications. One of them is the ability to attack.

Will Trong Hoang kick the right defender? Picture: Minh Tuan

Vietnam can start with 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. Wing player players play an important role in these two schemes, so it requires players to be omnipotent in both the game and the player. In addition to Trong Hoang, Van Hau is more likely to assume the other wings. In comparison to this ability, the Van Hau defense is better than the old.

In the event of an ice attack on Trong Hoang, Van Hau will have difficulty approaching the enemy. At that time, FC FC 's player must take the defensive role. This means that the defense of Vietnam Tel is going to play with 4 players ahead of the goal.

Of course, Trong Hoang will face certain challenges where the right defender is kicked. However, you can love the heart because it has reliable support. Tonight, we know where he is, Trong Hoang, Vietnam's "blast point".

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