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Why do students play "non-slip" "bites teeth"? -Education


Sunday, 18/11/2018 01:00 (GMT + 7)

Many college students are forced to pay millions of dong for anti-jump money, so this is a great way to learn "tips".

Recently, a newspaper reporter's group research revealed that the Hanoi University of Industry created "deceptive" certification examinations. In particular, students of this school should pay a "non-slip" examination certificate in English.

According to this, the School of Foreign Languages ​​of this school will collect 1.9 million of each student for the TOIEC certification exam, but in fact the "avoid slippage".

According to the research, the students who participated in the training were taught to memorize the exams and practice books. According to the students, the questions in the English test are about 80% as given in the "slip prevention" test. Students who pay the "slip prevention" fee do not pay a total of 460 TOIEC fees.

Why students?

In the exam room (study) for students paying "anti slip". Photo: Labor Newspaper

Mr. Tran Duc Quy, Director of the Hanoi Industrial University, said that the school has met and confirmed the contents of the press release. At the same time, the school did not make any money against the exam slip. The amount of money students have to pay is the fee of students with poor language skills. This is an additional registration fee for the capacity development information required to meet the required standards.

Hanoi University of Industry does not issue examinations and does not issue foreign language certificates, it only conducts an internal exam to test and recognize the standard output. School leaders will hold a meeting and report to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Education and Training, and will continue to work with individuals and units to verify and address information. commitment (if applicable).

The problem is still validation, description, but with TS. Le Viet Khuyen – Department of Quality Assurance of the Department of Education (University of Colleges and Colleges of Vietnam) said that regulations should be handled seriously. According to this study, it is not surprising to TS. Incentive, there is a rooted origin of the event … the regulatory mechanism created fraud.

Specifically, the regulations of the formal education system under the credit system (Decision 43/2007 / QD-BGDDT) stipulate that students should accumulate subject loans in the foreseen manner. To ensure graduation requirements, all courses must be scored and achieved with a grade point average or higher, including English. Some schools require TOIEC to score points at the IELTS school. Students who do not pass, do not take their degree, this is wrong graduation arrangements.

"The conditions mentioned above, the" spleen "behavior of the regulation, the certification exam, is the wage class in which the wage is called" non-slip "money.

Over time, the history of students in universities, colleges that struggle to get foreign language certificates according to new standards popular in schools are also widely discussed. In addition to enhancing the quality of higher education, we have trained foreign language skills and quality resources to meet international integration. Every year there are hundreds or even thousands of students in a university. It is not possible for the student to be deported.

This raises questions about the şekil fluent ır training of foreign languages, but the questions that challenge the students to learn more, but which compel them to prepare new exams to meet the certification requirements, but which are difficult to test. In addition, it is likely to occur in the negative emergence of strict standards, to open the school "racing" training courses, because many people are not registered, called "anti-slip", because the test is difficult to slip is easy. Save the high fees, but instead of raising your foreign language level, just learn the essence through the quiz.

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