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Who is 7X generation, 8X forget this divine meal-24h cuisine

Thursday, 29/11/2018 03:00 (GMT + 7)

Corn and pickles filled cassava pasta, always picking pickles and salted pickles on the following poverty, should always be frugal, be careful not to eat the "Eight March". There are no more chickens left, but to think about how to bring new foods back to life. On a sunny day, eat a little less, the mother is often dried to serve as raw material for roasted dry rice.

The excess brass will spread all over the mother and be dried on the roof or the roof of the tank. On hot summer days, mothers were watching birds flying up and down, wind blowing for days, leaning against the tree facing the eyes, but seeing little rice stumbling. angle.

After a few days in the hot sun, rice seeds began to dry the adhesive in the chisel. The kids were curious, prickling and gently pale, not attracting to some thieves from the neighbor's fence. However, at that time, a special warehouse in the kitchen, which was placed in the old wooden cupboards, was placed in the tatami hive, and the drizzly winds brought north of the cast iron pan processing.

7X generations who, 8X forget this divine food - 1

Mostly dry rice seeds stick together, so dry the mother and leave the seeds sufficiently to soothe your hand. When his mother heard that he would always get the dried rice roasted candy, the children hurriedly wiped his hands in his pants, wiped their noses and run to the kitchen to watch the rice mat in a small fire. In the rice frying pan, the clan's voice was very happy, the children swung their hands and made comments until the rice seed was opened, the yellow buds widened, the mother was keen to see the water mixed with the seed into the seed, the mother's island was fast hands, so it was not burned and bumped. Children looked at each other, saliva watered.

In the past, the roasted dry rice is simply sugared, and lemon, red pepper and garlic are added to the scent of the kitchen to ensure that children always eat junk food. It wasn't cold enough for me to see the sweet crust of the sweet ears, each one saw that the flesh was slowly melted in the mouth, a child burned, but still just put it in the chewing and blowing mouth.

Who is 7X generation, 8X don't forget this divine food - 2

Dried rice roasted shady road in winter, chatting hard winter food preserves the luxury, lack of time due to the grain of rice, not so precious as the green rice did not eat at all. For now, on cold winter days or on long rainy days, remember the spicy childhood by suddenly looking at the sky and suddenly recognizing the spicy nose, suddenly hungry a few rice roasted in old age.

An old-fashioned handwriting reminds me of the old adage

Have you ever thought, from time to time we have moved away from sucking ice cream, stick to a single age …

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