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Vietnam’s ‘smallest child’


Thanh Binh made a mistake and scored 2 unnecessary goals for the Vietnam national team. It will be a valuable lesson for this young midfielder to look forward to the next games.

VIDEO: Coach Park unfortunately accepts responsibility in the press room (FPT Play)

cruel mistake

The ball rolled into goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong’s goal as soon as Wu Lei appeared in the penalty area at 90+5 minutes. Thanh Binh accompanied the star, who wore the Espanyol jersey, and could not get over the mischief from his opponent.

Right after the match ended, Thanh Binh had to receive negative reviews from some of the home audience. The player on the Viettel Club’s roster was trusted by the Korean military leader and was given the opportunity to take the field instead of Bui Tien Dung from the 72nd minute. Ironically, the next two goals of the Vietnam national team were directly the fault of the defender in 2000.

This can be considered the saddest and most painful memory in Thanh Binh’s digital shorts career. Two goals came in the same scenario, the 21-year-old defender revealed a psychological problem and however the elder Que Ngoc Hai said that the defender was more than 1m80 taller and really calmed down to accept the unhappy ending. A wave of anger seems to be coming in on social media.

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Thanh Binh made 2 mistakes to help Wu Lei score a double

One can understand the mood of NHM in the S-shaped strip of land, everyone expects a good result against China. However, these feelings of regret turned into a negative, accusing the players, who were even more upset because they fought so hard for the colors of the jersey. It’s true what Coach Park Hang Seo said earlier: “Vietnamese love football, but football wins.

Thanh Binh tried to hide his disappointment by raising his hands to wipe his tears. Fortunately for this player, the Vietnam national team has more games ahead of him, I don’t know what he would do if it was a final like the AFF Cup or the SEA Games. The opportunity still exists and the Thai Binh midfielder’s job is to continue training, use the opportunity to play, correct mistakes and win the sympathy of the fans.

‘Thanh Binh is not wrong, it’s my fault’

This is the general idea of ​​the statement made by coach Park Hang Seo after the China match was over. The Korean military leader replied in front of the press: “I am responsible for replacement decisions. Players need flaws to grow. I emphasize that the player’s fault is the coach’s fault.

Indeed, the captain of the Vietnam national team many times stood up to protect his students. The 64-year-old strategist is aware of the terrible pressure that players are under. Earlier, goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung made many mistakes in the wooden frame, but not for Coach Park Hang Seo to remove his name from the team roster, this leader always gives him the opportunity to express himself. , thus breaking the flow of criticism.


Mr. Park understands the pressure his students face

Or like Tan Sinh in the match against Thailand U22 at the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines. The central defender playing for Quang Nam missed the 11-metre free kick, the decisive hit for U-22 Vietnam’s ability to reach the knockout round. Fortunately, Tien Linh needed to correct his mistakes in time, and Mr. Park still stood up to let the national football fans stop talking about Tan Sinh.

Thanh Binh also in this case a young player cannot avoid mistakes. Only these mistakes can help the 2000 midfielder gain deep experience and become valuable lessons in more important matches. It is also the baggage that the “Golden Dragon” has set from the moment it goes to the third qualifying round of the World Cup.

Regrets of the past must be set aside and continued towards the next match. Football has to have winners and losers, it’s inevitable that you have to accept it. Of course, Mr. Park will make moves from the match against China to encourage the spirit of his students to fight a fair fight with Oman on October 12.

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