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Vietnam vs Malaysia AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 today 16/11


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Vietnam: Dang Van Lam, Dinh Trong, Duy Manh, Que Ngoc Hai, Trong Hoang, Van Hau, Quang Hai, Xuan Truong, Van Duc, Cong Phuong, Anh Duc
Malaysia, Che Mat, Mohd Saad, Andik Mohd Ishak, Abd Radzak, Syahmi Safari, Akram Mahinan, Kutty Abba, Abdul Rashid, Idlan Talaha, Md Fauzi, Sumareh.


– The match is over.

– Although security is strictly controlled, many fans still carry flames and burn in My Dinh Stadium. However, the overwhelming enthusiasm of some of the fans was blocked immediately.

– MINUTES: OPPORTUNITY. A great save by keeper Malaysia's Luong Xuan Truong get through on the corner, but Van Hau was awarded a penalty.

– PERIOD 5: DANGER. Vietnam's frame fell into the wind after a horizontal line of your team on the right. Fortunately, Trong Hoang's shoot was successful.

– MINUTE: The restricted area of ​​Vietnam is still under threat. A Malaysian player fell behind the defense phase of Que Ngoc Hai, but there are no 11 million visitors.

– MINUTES 11: VIDEO NUMBER OPEN. In an attack on the left, Van Hau tried to stretch for Anh Anh but he missed the ball. However, at the back, with a great precision of a table tennis, Cong Phuong, the ball was on time to clear the net into Malaysia. Keep in mind that this is a great attraction, the fifth of the Phoenix team.

Cong Phuong

– MINUTE 14: OPPORTUNITY. Malaysia at the moment of excitement is thrown into the goal of Malaysia and the penalty kick is more than 30 meters. Quang Hai left the man with the ball and the ball crossed the bar.

– MINUTE 18: Visitors at the table, Malaysia, should find a way to maximize the team to find the equalizer and put a lot of pressure on Dang Van Lam. But Malaysia has an impetuous mark, which is the opportunity to attack the host team.

– MINUTES 21: Malaysia throws a dangerous ball in front of the goal. From the right corner, Talaha took the ball at 16m50 by turning the corner of his teammate but it wasn't hard enough for the ball keeper Van Lam.

– MINIMUM 26: Midfielder Xuan Truong made a penalty decision for Cong Phuong, but HAGL's intentions failed.

– MINUTE 29: Vietnam Tel won a penalty from the left. Spring School lifted the ball into the penalty area for Van Hau, but a phase was not over.

– Point 32: The fast attack against Vietnam and Cong Phuong took a pretty long distance from the center of the ball, and then moved to England, but the Binh Duong striker was just in front of a defender.

– PHUK 37: Malaysia loved the free kick at both distance and angle, but the kick was not threatened by football player Dang Van Lam.

Vietnamese fans cheer on stage


– MINUTE 39: Doan Van Hau plays ball against the attacking right wing of Malaysia. Vietnam's defense provides assurance with good coordination of players.

– THE SECRETARY: 41: The Phoenix striker was trying his best to show his technique in the area that Malaysia had forbidden, but HAGL's scorer eventually got too involved in the harassment and eventually stopped.

– PH 43: Malaysia controls 62% of the time, leaving the home team behind. However, this is not harmful to Vietnam teacher coach Park Hang-seo can implement counter-attack skills.

– the last one. Vietnam leads Malaysia 1-0.


– The game after the break. Trainer Park Hang-seo entered the second half with the advantage of a goal. However, although Malaysia had to play at My Dinh Stadium, it was not easy for the opponents to bully.

– MINUTE: The first half of the second half saw intense collision. The referee should constantly remind Akram Mahinan, Quang Hai and Van Hau. Van Hau mixed the ball relatively badly, but ended up retaliating against the opponent into the dangerous ball. If the young players of Hanoi are not observed, the referee should not draw the penalty card.

– MINUTE 58: PERFECT LANGUAGE. The Malaysian penalty kick is only about 20m wide and wide angle. Safavi Rasid fired an attack from the left, but Dang Van Lam was able to put the ball away.

MINUS 60: VIETNAM, INCREASED NUMBER 2. Dinh's square exploded when the net had to vibrate for a second time, in a sharp counter attack, Phan Van Duc took a break from Britain's General Anh Duc escapade to get the ball and finish his left foot. To cut the enemy goalkeeper.

Vietnam 2-0 Malaysia (KT) Direct opponents seized VN in the semi-finals AFF Cup 2018 image 2

– Number 66: Cong Phuong, Andik stole the left defender's foot before the two Malaysian players were broken by himself, not exceeding the third person who could not pass the long ball in the Malaysian penalties.

– MINUTE 69: Vietnam is actively playing safely, only Cong Phuong and Anh Duc do so much defense.

– MINUTE 70: Shahrul defender took the yellow card from Kong Phuong.

– MINUTE 74: MANNER. When Vietnam decided to enter Phoenix's area, it set up the staff. The coach replaced Hung Dung Van Duc a few minutes after Park Hang-seo's second player.

– PHT 77: The wind explodes continuously in the restricted area of ​​Vietnam, but the defense room is rounded to protect Van Lam.

– MINIMUM 78: DANGER! Que Ngoc Hai exceeded the limits of Safavi before the host party broke the corner. Van Dino's reflexes tried to penalty, but the keeper made a spectacular game that defended the lead.

– PH 83: Dominant but aggressive lines in Malaysia cannot penetrate the host team's defenders.

– MINUTE 85: Van Lam receives the red card before catching the ball. He was injured and injured by a Malaysian player.

– MINUTE 87: Vietnam arranged for the staff when Xuan Truong left the stadium to make room for Duc Huy. This is the third change of Coach Hang-seo.

Images of Vietnamese players started

DIRECT VIETNAM 2-0 Malaysia (H2) Germany increases image gap 3
DIRECT VIETNAM 2-0 Malaysia (H2) Germany increases image gap 3

Reserve decision, Van Duc changed

The midfielder, wearing the SLNA Van Duc T-shirt, will have a debut at the AFF Cup 2018 to replace Van Thanh. There is only one change in the Van Decision of the coach Park Hang-seo compared to the one against Laos. The Hanoi club's striker must give way to Phan Van Duc. commander of the reserve was in the Vietnam-Malaysia war.
Van Quyet, the striker in the announced registration form, could not be elected this evening in the Vietnam team and Malaysia in 19h30.

The third highest average age in Vietnam football AFF Cup 2018

East Timor is also the youngest team in the league with an average of 20.56, according to Fox Sports Asia's statistics. vs Malaysia: Waiting for the charm of Cong Phuong
It can be said that the striker Cong Phuong is Malaysia's nightmare in the football match against Malaysia. And if a striker continues …

Vietnam ranked third in the list of high-grade teens. Park Hang-seo students average age 23.69 ünvan stop ası this year is considered to be quite young compared to other teams as one of the candidates for the AFF Cup title.

"Golden Star" team "golden star", 33-year-old German striker is not. Doan Van Hau, the defender of the Hanoi club, is the youngest member of England to be younger than 14 years.

The captain of Malaysia: & # 39; Earn a score from Vietnam;

"Our goal is to get three points, but it's not easy." Said. This is an easy game because both Malaysia and Vietnam are the best teams. " did the Malaysian goalkeeper say about the match against Vietnam?
Share this night before the match between Vietnam vs Malaysia on night 16/11, goalkeeper number 1 Malaysia Khairul Fahmi Che Mat wants to see Vietnam Strings …

"In the case of winning only one point, this is a good result for Malaysia, because we won another match against Laos and Myanmar," he said.

Malaysia coach: If you have a chance, Vietnam & # 39; I want to win in Din & # 39;

Malaysia coach Tan Cheng Hoe said: 39 I know that your Park Hang-seo coach is interested in Vietnam, and he has the absolute trust of the players. Vietnam has a lot of advantages in the home area, Malaysia has 6 points after 2 games. We have the right to compute with this score of 6. My Dinh match is difficult, so it makes me very happy that Malaysia wins a point. Bu meeting with Vietnam, Malaysia coach Quan Phuong and Quang Hai
At a press conference prior to the Vietnam vs. Malaysia match, his coach Tan Cheng Hoe appreciated the fact that Vietnam's only one point was scored in My Dinh Stadium.

Which judge will catch Vietnam Tel against Malaysia's AFF Cup?

The Asian Football Federation has appointed the referee Turkmenistan Muhammad Alkhudayr in the match between Vietnam and Malaysia in the AFF Cup 2018. Cup represents the match between Vietnam and Malaysia in 2018
The Asian Football Federation appointed referee Turki Mohammed A. Alkhudayr in the match between Vietnam and Malaysia on 16/11 in the AFF Cup 2018.

In addition to the Turkish arbitrator, the team on My Dinh Stadium has two assistant referees, Poonsawat Samransuk and Komsan Kampan, a Thai national. The fourth referee was Steve Supresencia in the Philippines.

Coach Hang-seo: I don't believe that Malaysians want only one point.

Trainer (Coach) Park Hang-seo recalls statistical history. From 1998 to 2013, the two teams counted an equal number of heads. Parking Hang Seo: "Vietnam Tel will play as expected from NHM"
At the press conference, Park Hang shared with Seo, Malaysia and set a goal for the best result.

In particular, Park pointed to 2 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws. It also shows a comprehensive review of Vietnam football coaches in the 2018 AFF Cup. And of course, the Park Hang-seo coach doesn't underestimate the opponent.

Park, m I don't believe that Tan Cheng Hoe has come here just to come to a point. As a coach, everyone wants to win and 3 points, so I think they won't be satisfied with one. In front of Vietnam.

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