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Top 5 new cars worth 30-60 million

Tuesday, November 27, 2015 3:00 PM (GMT + 7)

In the Vietnamese market, you have the option of a wide range of attractive scooters ranging from 30-60 million VND, from VinFast Klara, Honda Vision Smartkey, Yamaha Janus to Piaggio Liberty Italia.

In the last months of 2018, motorcycle companies are launching new products and exchanging yeni silver ay time in appearance and color.

Top 5 new cars now worth 30-60 million VND you buy - 1

New Piaggio Liberty Italia.

In a short time, the scooter segment in Vietnam saw new versions coming from major manufacturers such as Piaggio, Honda, Yamaha and especially VinFast. To help you learn more, we'll introduce a new range of scooters sold in Vietnam at a price of up to 30-60 million VND.

Piaggio Liberty Italia

Piaggio Liberty Italia is a new version of the Liberty scooter family. This product is distributed in Vietnam market with 2 color versions: white and black, 58.5 million VND sales price.

Top 5 new cars worth up to 5 - 30 million VND

Liberty Italia Black.

The exterior of Liberty Italia is a triangular design with three red, white and blue stripes Italian flags. Not only is it a first-class, top-class design, Liberty Italia also offers fuel economy, quiet operation and a highly flexible iGet engine.

Piaggio Liberty Italia is considered the first choice in the scooter range priced under 60 million VND.

VinFast Clara

VinFast is the electric scooter in Klara, Vietnam, which is hoping to create a new wind for the electric car market. On November 20, 1818 Klara was officially announced and the retailer was always the same afternoon.

Top 5 new cars now worth 30-60 million VND

VinFast Klara, started in Thong Nhat Park in Hanoi.

The car is available in two versions: a lead acid battery version and a lithium-ion battery version of 800W and 1.200W respectively The vehicle can travel after 80 km. Fully charge and reach 50 km / h speed. The design of the car is quite luxurious to the seamless panels from the hexagonal head, the body is thin and delicate.

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Headlight hexagon.

VinFast's lead acid battery was sold as VND21 million for the first batch, VND25 million for the second batch and VND335 million for the "No 3" policy. The lithium-ion version, VND, 35 million, VND 39.9 million and VND 57 million, respectively.

While providing a service that respects the environment, VinFast Klara is also seen as a scooter that is suitable for the city as well as traveling to the region as well as a car worth seeing.

Yamaha Janus

Yamaha has launched a new series of scooters for the popular Janus scooters and has started distributing these new color versions since November 2018. They are black, red, blue and white milk. These colors add a glamorous aesthetic to Yamaha Janus even when you look at it.

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The new Yamaha Janus red.

Each color has its own distinctive taste: neutral black, elegant pearl white, bright red color, mysterious green version of mica, strong neutral silver, blue Very unique, white milk evokes sweetness.

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New white pearl.

The new color version of Yamaha Janus still takes on the modern Blue Core engine, which provides a smooth start, smooth slip, durable operation and savings. Not only that, the new Yamaha Janus color is offered in a rather pleasant price in the Vietnamese market. Specifically, the Yamaha Janus standard starts from VND27.99 million, with the special version starting from VND31.49 million.

Honda Vision Smartkey

At the end of September, when the company equipped Smartkey, it decided to create the most popular scooter model in the Vietnamese market. Smartkey is often seen in mid- and high-end scooters such as Honda's Air Blade, LEAD and SH.

Top 5 new cars worth $ 30-60 million VND now

2019 Honda Vision Smartkey.

While deciding to equip this model for the Vision and Special Edition vehicles, Honda is aiming to provide the ordinary customers with the advantages of a high-powered scooter. Level.

New equipment While the Vision train offers optimum anti-theft protection, it also allows the device to conveniently activate / deactivate the remote locking and intelligent vehicle positioning system. Take advantage of superior comfort and superior experience in the car.

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Red version of vision smartkey.

Honda Vision Smartkey Special Edition has a price of 29.99 million VND, the premium version has a price of 31.99 million VND. However, this model is usually higher than the offer when it is sold to the seller.

Honda Air Blade 2018

Air Blade 2018 features eye-catching color and Smartkey. This car is appreciated by its neutral design philosophy that is appropriate for all ages and genders.

Top 5 new cars worth 30-60 million VND - 10

2018 Honda Air Blade smartkey black orange.

Modern, refurbished vehicles with LED backlight and headlights, powerful 125cc engines offer flexible operation in various road conditions. .

Best 5 new car prices for your most purchased 30-60 million - 11

Matte black.

The 2018 Honda Air Blade was deployed on the Vietnamese market in four different versions: the sports price is 38.0 million VND, the high price is 40.6 million VND, the VND with a price of 41.6 million and the black version has a bid of 41.0 million VND.

However, the actual price of the 2018 Honda Air Blade is usually sold at a price higher than the recommended price of 1.5-4.8 million.

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