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There are tax authorities to guide businesses to avoid taxes

Representative Truong Trong Nghia.

Representative Truong Trong Nghia.

This morning (November 12), in relation to the Tax Administration Act (amended), Truong Trong Nghia (HCMC) told the deputy that there were two phenomena in contact with the company. Tax evasion, tax debts, permanent and budget revenue losses of institutions; Second, it is a tax authorities case that advises and advises companies on how to avoid taxes.

"The issue of consulting business tax evasion is a matter of harassment when dozens of years have taken place. Nghia said," It is generally a phenomenon in the field of government administration and in some sectors, including tax. "

On the contrary, according to Mr. Nghia, the tax authorities have a tax officer event that directs businesses to evade taxes, businesses do not complain, because the business is useful, only the state is lost.

"It is a pity that the tax department personnel are part of the tax of the state, the population and the enterprises, but deliberately go to the consultants, leading to tax fraud." Dozens of years.

According to Mr. Nghia, the Law on Tax Administration is now talking about the rights and obligations of taxpayers, the rights and obligations of tax authorities. The duties of the tax inspection team and the duties of tax inspectors, but there is no general obligation for tax officers.

"I propose to include the rights and obligations of the tax staff, I need to clarify what their responsibilities are, what interests are done, rather than how they are handled in general rather than speaking responsibility. Organizations, businesses, individuals ….", stressed Mr. Nghia.

The taxpayer's representative is responsible for prompt, appropriate and adequate guidance to meet the taxpayers' obligations. Take the time because many businesses simply want to fulfill their obligations in an appropriate manner.

"Especially the FDI groups I know, some three hundred thousand three of them are unacceptable because of their laws, they still have to obey the law, and the law prohibits bribery. They put them under the table quickly and easily. They can't do it easily, "Nghia said.

Some of the deputies involved in the Tax Law Project, some of the members of the tax administration of the tax administration, many of the tax content, the bill drew attention to the items are inconsistent.

The deputy of the Binh Dinh province Nguyen Huu Duc Deputy, do not miss a tight, if the draft agencies continue to study content more closely related to the tax administration for e-commerce activities to provide management. In particular, further clarification should be made of the responsibilities of the ministries and branches of the law on this content.

With regard to the responsibility of the tax authorities, Ta Truong Giang (Ca Mau) said the bill only left the responsibility to correct a tax amount greater than the amount of tax owed by the tax authority. Tax authorities must reimburse overpaid taxes and have to pay compensation payments, but do not specify where the fixed tax amounts are smaller than the tax amounts to be paid. It is therefore argued that the Government should have concluded this case by law.

Nguyen Thanh Thuy (Hau Giang) Deputy said that electronic transactions should be more stringent to ensure a uniform, consistent implementation.

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