Sunday , April 11 2021

The teacher took you to the ER.

On November 28th, about 10 hours, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy (41 years old, Duy Ninh, Quang Ninh, Quang Binh inhabitant) fainted in the house should be taken to the emergency hospital Quang Ninh.

During the examination, Dr. Quang Ninh General Hospital Director. Ho Van Tien, the index of life of normal patients, but the shock, the spirit of depression, he said. "Patients open their eyes, but do not interact, they do not want to not respond, they do not want to communicate," Tien said.

Ms. Thuy was injected with sedatives, intravenous fluids and follow-up in the Emergency Department.

Phuong Thuy is the head of grade 6.2 Duy Ninh High School. Photo: 24/11 Hoang Tao.

Phuong Thuy is the head of grade 6.2 Duy Ninh High School. photo: Apples were shot 24/11.

Thuy, two daughters in secondary school, a 10-month-old son, is the driver of a division in Quang Binh. After fines punished the student, he suspended the work, and the teacher barely eaten an instable soul.

Early in the morning of November 19, Grade Duy Phuong Thuy, a student of grade 6.2 Duy Ninh Middle School asked 23 students to slap a male student in the classroom because of blasphemy. Two days later, men were hospitalized. She went to the Thuy family, agreed to his mistake and begged forgiveness.

Quang Ninh district police filed a case on November 26 Torture others.

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