Friday , March 5 2021

The secretary and the head of the committee are going to jail to sell land to pay off local debt

Phan Xuan Thuy (59 years old, former head of Nghia Thai People's Committee, Tan Ky region), Thailand Doan Ton (64 years old, former Party Secretary of TBM) Nghia Thai) and Phan Kim Chau (55 years old, Nghia Thai Commune's former cadastral authority Right of Duty

It was alleged that Thuy proposed to allow communes and hamlets to sell agricultural land. From 2001 to 2006, the Nghia Thai People's Committee sold 113 land with a total area of ​​50,000 m2, collecting a total of 1.1 billion VND. More than 18,000 square meters, more than 270 million.

Thai Doan was charged in court.

Thai Doan was charged in court.

Sale of land used for infrastructure construction; Payment of debts … Remaining amount in CPC account.

Authorities determined that the sale of the land exceeded the powers of commune officials. No land with a red book.

In court, the defendants announced the reasons for lack of understanding and impatience to pay in advance to change the local appearance, judging the crime.

The panel sentenced Thuy and Four to two years in prison. The defendant Chau was suspended for 15 months.

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